Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to be deposed on orders given by a Federal Judge for the first time in relation to her use of a private email account during her State Department tenure.

According to United States of America District Court Royce Lamberth, Hillary Clinton’s sworn written answers were “incomplete, unhelpful, or cursory,” hence the deposition.

Lamberth issued the order Monday morning in connection with a five-and-a-half-year-old Freedom of Information Act lawsuit the conservative group Judicial Watch filed seeking emails related to the deadly 2012 attack on U.S. facilities in Benghazi, Libya.

Clinton was previously required to submit a sworn written statement about her email use, but the deposition—if it takes place—would be the first time she has had to submit to live questioning under oath on the subject.

During her four years in President Barack Obama’s Cabinet, Clinton relied on a private email account and server for both her work-related and personal messages. The practice led to a storm of controversy that roiled her 2016 presidential bid and is widely viewed as contributing to her ultimate defeat by Donald Trump.

During her campaign press conference, Hillary Clinton said she kept the private account and server after taking over as secretary of state in 2009 as a matter of convenience and not to avoid FOIA or other disclosure requirements. The FBI investigated, interviewed Clinton, and recommended against criminal charges, but it did find dozens of messages in her account that officials said contained highly classified information.

However, Judge Lamberth said in his ruling Monday that the FBI probe and representations by the State Department have not adequately put to rest questions about the episode and Clinton’s deposition is needed to address those concerns.

“To argue that the Court now has enough information to determine whether State conducted an adequate search is preposterous,” said Lamberth, who has tangled with Clinton aides for years in a series of cases.




  1. Time to put on your big boy ( or girl) shoes and for once in a lifetime Hillary, tell the dam truth… Own up..!!!

    1. What we can depend on is that Hillary Clinton will never be willingly open and truthful. She is evil incarnate,
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  2. Bullshit…been hearing this horseshit for years n as we sit n wait, the Epstein scandal is paraded in front of the entire world to see n not a word about it now…we have now been swindled by the big banks AGAIN n the large corps…not one dissenting vote from Republican or Democrat…it’s over n will only get worse

    1. Maybe so but since the girlfriend was arrested we are finding more and more missing children, doesn’t that count for something and what if one of those children was yours?

  3. Judges do not depose.
    Since your headline is factually incorrect, when you write the correction, may I be notified?

    1. Well Mark, maybe this judge has seen enough of the bullshit out of all the courts that have been doing these unprecidented things to POTUS and company, and believes in equal Justice for all!!!

    2. You are correct…Except in special cases and unfortunately…just because they want to do it this way…they can easily say that it is a special case. Welcome to Planet Earth.

    3. The deposition did happen but was conducted by Judicial Watch’s attorney’s. The judge did order the deposition at the request of Judicial Watch.

  4. With….liberty
    for All

    Proud. Truthful america…
    We pray dear god for you to touch your faithful servants and reveal the evils among us

    Sweet land of liberty
    Of thee we sing

  5. i thank God everyday that Hillary did not win the election! God will punish her and That pedo Bill l A dark , hot dungeon in the deepest hole in the earth , isolated alone and never to see light again for all eternity . and to me thats not enough punishment.

  6. Lock them all up forever and throw away all the keys. Never let them out or see the light of day. Of course, that will probably never happen. That’s not what’s done with totally stupid, clueless, brain dead idiot asshole pieces of crap & that other word DEMOCRATS. Only unfortunately, extremely smart & intelligent Republicans. We get arrested & charged, they for some reason never do. That definitely needs to change for the better.

  7. When has that harpy ever told the truth? Don’t expect anything from her. Just use hard evidence and convict that horrible woman. Put her in prison where she belongs, and forget where the key is. She needs to be gone.

  8. The thing is Hitlery will be hung. Just make sure the rope comes from America not China, their rope is to cheap. God says pray for those lost souls but I just can’t get over the people they murdered with out a conscious. These EVILDOERS don’t deserve a jail sell in my eyes they deserve hanging like all traitors and treason doers. Selling our uranium should be enough to hang her and oh don’t forget Barack also evil (Evil) that man is so evil his last speech he was talking about a red wedding blast feming against God almighty. Laughing, looks like america 🇺🇸 is going to have that last laugh. Our father God is going to bring justice to all countries by the anointed hands of our good loving ❤ president Donald Trump The that has grit and balls to do what no man has had in the past except for two great ex- presidents God bless their souls Regian, Kennedy

  9. I have a list that needs to go permently, Obama, pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Maxine Waters, and more.I will be surprised if Schiff is punished, he should be, he is George Soros brother in law.

  10. Good now nail her ass to the wall and throw her in prison for bleach biting her account after 30,000 email were requested by the FBI. She’s guilty of obstruction of justice and for purposely deleting 30,000 emails which was later found on former Senator Anthony Weiners Laptop!

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