Kellyanne Conway who is President Trump’s former campaign manager and now Consultant to the White House, in a news segment on Friday discussed the recent allegations against the Obama administration and their active spying on the Trump Campaign and Transition Team for political reasons.

It is now obvious that the Obama administration went after Michael Flynn for over a year before the 2016 election and was spying on the Trump campaign for months to gain a political advantage.

The mainstream media to this day continues to ignore or downplay this biggest political scandal in US history. Kellyanne implicated the entire Obama administration and the former president in these illegal activities.

She blew the whistle saying Obama continued doing that bidding after President Trump was elected and into our first days here at the White House. Look, if Peter Strzok had something important to say about General Flynn, let’s just say he was an existential threat or a real national security threat, he could have come forward and said that.

This isn’t the purpose of this inquisition of Michael Flynn. You see the notes, you see them saying, “Don’t end crossfire razor.” Keep it going. Why? To harass and embarrass a general who had served with distinction over three decades.

I will remind everybody that President Obama told President-elect Donald Trump he had two things to worry about, North Korea and Michael Flynn! Folks that’s just weird on its face! You gotta worry about a nuclear capable dictator in North Korea and you gotta worry about a general of 37 years who served in the Obama administration. People should look at this for what it is. Taxpayers funded this nonsense.

Earlier this week the DOJ released hidden documents that prove the Obama White House was running the operation to spy on and set up the Trump campaign and administration.

So far, Barack Obama has remained silent about his role in this historic crime. Eventually, he will have to try to explain why he was spying on the opposition party from the Oval Office.

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  1. Let’s put these criminals in a Federal Prison. This would restore confidence in our real Government, in the hearts of all of us!

  2. O-bomb-a the KILLER! Who knew the evil he’d cause. 1st term in he went over seas and slaughtered one by one many upstanding professionals who were very kind, caring Muslims. He and Biden are wanted for War Crimes.

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