Breaking News! Democrats Caught with illegal Votes, Judge Overturns Election

,Galvan prevailed against Spicer in a runoff election in June 2021 by a score of 855 to 854, after a controversial primary election between the two candidates. In light of the fact that four votes had been cast in violation of the law, the court decided that Spicer should be declared the winner of the election with a final total of 854 to 851.

It was claimed by the prosecutors that Galvan plotted with Jace Dawson, his opponent in the primary election, to convince people from outside the council district to vote for Galvan in the runoff election against Spicer in June. According to the criminal complaint, Galvan was also accused of attempting to bribe an elections officer with concert tickets. He is suspected of doing this. According to Dean Logan, the senior elections officer for the county, the official reported the effort as soon as they became aware of it.

However, a court in Compton, California, found that there were four ineligible voters who resided outside the district. Democrats continue to argue that voter fraud does not happen, despite the fact that this ruling.

In the runoff election, which Isaac Galvan won by a single vote, 855 to 854, Andre Spicer was beaten by Isaac Galvan. Judge Michelle Williams of the Superior Court decided that there were four unlawful votes, and as a result, she voided the election, giving Spicer the victory by a margin of three voters.

Even if there is evidence of voter fraud, according to the Democrats, it is still impossible to cancel an election. It should not be difficult or expensive to prove election fraud in places like Florida and Arizona so that their results may be overturned. In point of fact, every swing state ought to have its results audited.

However, eliminating any and all opportunities for voting fraud should be our top priority. Galvan and five other people have been accused in connection with the alleged plan to commit voting fraud.

On Monday, it was reported in the Los Angeles Times:

According to a 10-page ruling that was issued on Friday by Superior Court Judge Michelle Williams Court, four of the votes cast in the election were submitted by people who did not live in the council district that the two men were vying to represent. As a result, two-term Councilman Isaac Galvan must be replaced by his challenger, Andre Spicer. The judge made this determination after finding that four of the votes cast in the election were submitted by people who did not live in the council district.

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