FINALLY: Brave House Republican files petition to indict and remove Nancy Pelosi

Brave House GOP congressman Andy Biggs from Arizona has just filed a petition asking for the indictment and removal of Nancy Pelosi. Andy Biggs has been a hater of Nancy Pelosi since its inception, Nancy Pelosi’s lies have taken America backward and the whole country will be in big trouble.

The time for Nancy Pelosi to resign is now she is no longer capable of leading this country. It’s way past time for Nancy Pelosi to leave her office as Speaker of the House Mr. Biggs said. He also called upon our leaders in Congress to put forward the Motion to Vacate the Chair that has been prepared and merely needs to be brought to the floor. Mr. Biggs continued.

Pelosi recently referred to members of Congress who support President Donald Trump as “domestic criminals.” Her level of morality is poor, who in her right senses will say such a thing?

It’s not a surprise to hear such words from her mouth, it has become normal for Democrats to use such words against anyone who supports President Trump. President Trump has become a huge problem the Democrats have to get rid of as they never expected trump to have this level of success

Mr. Biggs also said That the entire Democrats hates President Trump and every patriotic American who voted for him. In and of itself, it is a most despicable statement designed to divide the nation, but it shows a disregard for the institution itself.

Nor can we forget that she allowed an impeachment proceeding to go forward that was based solely on animus toward the president, and not on any allegation of the commission of a “high crime or misdemeanor.” The peg on which the left had hung their hat was “Russian collusion.” Mr. Biggs continued.

Mr. Biggs said that the speaker of the House’s recent escapade in a San Francisco hair salon conveys the air of elitism that has been the hallmark of her tenure as speaker.

He continued that there are many in the media who defend the Speaker as simply one group of powerful elites protecting one of their own: the powerful, elite Speaker of the United States House of Representatives who has placed her personal needs before the country which she serves.

We can not deny the fact that speaker Nancy Pelosi believed that she was above the law for which she so stridently advocates. She has issued many ridiculous mask edicts in the House of Representatives and used her Democratic Party majority to expand her power to control members who on a normal day will side-line her.

Here is where the speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi really lost her balance. She blamed everybody but herself.

Having been caught in the salon, she had the sensitivity to realize how bad it looked for her to grant herself permission to violate the law, so she began trying to defend her conduct with meaningless and baseless lies.

The earlier speaker Nancy Pelosi leaves office the better for the entire country. Enough is enough.



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