Joe Biden Admits Failure. Agrees That Trump Was Right All The Time!

Joe Biden (or rather, the people in charge of Joe Biden) has created such a mess of the southern border that it’s almost comical. Recall that the media got out of their way to call Trump’s border scheme an oversight, nonetheless have said nothing when Biden overcrowds detention centres to 1700 per cent capacity… in the pandemic period, we’ve been notified.

It’s absurd How this administration has perpetrated inhuman crimes, that haven’t been seen since the Obama/Biden administration supplied weapons to drug mobs.

This administration is accountable for an immense amount of rapes and child abuse cases. The situation has become so awful that Biden has had no option but to acknowledge that Trump is correct… Regardless, this will never be broadcast on the ‘news’ on television.

The conservative Treehouse reported;‘The Obama administration’s manipulation of policy is pathetic.“Following the dismantling of Trump’s deal with Central American nations (Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador) to control their northern border, mass migration to the US began…. a catastrophe was created.

Nonetheless, once the crisis has turned public opinion against them, the Obama administration intends to revert to the same policies that Trump instituted and that Biden wrecked.”

The media and White House then applaud the Trump agreement’s return as a game-changing new policy step spearheaded by Joe Biden. It would be ridiculous if watching it in real-time wasn’t so stupid.’

Again CNN retweeted the news – Special Assistant to the President for Immigration for the Domestic Policy Council, Tyler Moran said the Biden administration has won agreements for Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala to tighten their borders and limit the flow of migration.

“We’ve negotiated arrangements with them to increase the number of troops on their border.” This has been agreed upon by Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala. This will not only deter traffickers, smugglers, and cartels from exploiting children on their way to the United States, but it will also deter traffickers, smugglers, and cartels from exploiting children on their route to the United States”.

Since then Biden’s administration has strived to manage the inflow of migrants across the border, mostly since the number of migrant children in US custody has increased rapidly

They aren’t any struggle,’ the action is deliberate, they intentionally put themselves in this condition. They are apathetic about the lives that have been and will be devastated as a result of their actions. The idea of the left is for everyone to be equally destitute, and reach the point where they are incapable of reacting.

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