Join More than One Million Patriots Signs Petition To Take On Nancy Pelosi and Insider Trading By Congress

Kevin Freeman, host of BlazeTV’s Economic War Room, launched a nationwide campaign criticizing Nancy Pelosi for protecting corrupt insider trading by members of Congress. Over 1,450,000 emails have already been sent to Congress!

The petition explanation reads: Nancy Pelosi has made a fortune worth more than $100 million while working for a government salary. WHAT?!How come they and other politicians are becoming billionaires while supposedly working for “us” in Congress? Corruption is a matter of deep concern: both Democrats and Republicans use the “Pelosi Perks”.

Politicians in Washington give themselves high salaries and high pensions. and great benefits. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, they make MILLIONS on Wall Street from insider trading. In fact, Nancy Pelosi and her husband made over $30 million just trading tech stocks.

They bought their shares, and then they began blocking efforts to control Big Tech. And no wonder: by protecting them, you’re doing us a disservice and making a FORTUNE at the same time. Our people’s representatives have stuffed their pockets at our expense for far too long! In one minute, anyone in America can email all 535 members of Congress and tell them to stop DC’s greed! The corrupt ruling class has gotten away with it for far too long.It’s time to turn up the heat!”

“Pelosi said it’s fine for lawmakers to trade stocks. She’s wrong.”


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