It sounds fair if we compare Nancy Pelosi to a tyrant because of their similar ability to never admit regret or say they are sorry when they are clearly wrong.

Nancy Pelosi has been the architect of the bitter division and hatred that is now the norm in our politics. Nancy Pelosi’s long tenure as leader of the House has led to a steady decline in the reputation of the United States of America Congress.

Patriotic citizens of America will soon start asking themselves if Nancy Pelosi has ever risen above the party? The speaker’s latest move to cut McCarthy’s commission nominees shows that she is only interested in politics, not results. She does not care about the well-being of the citizens.

Nancy Pelosi fans and the entire House Democrats should be ashamed of her achievements over this many years. The two impeachments of President Trump and the recent Jan 6 commission, could be Nancy Pelosi’s biggest legacy.

The speaker may have as well missed the greatest opportunities by a political leader in the history of the united state of America.
Nancy Pelosi has used the removal of Jim Jordan and Rep Jim Banks as a fundraising tool for Democrats in the coming months, but the stench of Pelosi’s political hostility and oppression is so pungent that it forces even seasoned political junkies to hold their noses. Nancy Pelosi has proven herself to be an epic failure.

Be rest assured that Nancy Pelosi’s actions will surely come back to bite her, not just during the 2022 midterm elections but during the evaluation of her legacy when she finally retires from politics. She will surely look back with regrets if there is any heart conscience left in him.

Speaker Pelosi’s incessant attacks on Jim Jordan and pro-Trump Republicans is just a ploy by her to misdirect or take attention off her own narrow, malfunctioning caucus, which is incapable of passing the simplest of bipartisan infrastructure legislation that is loaded with loopholes.

The current U.S political environment speaks volumes of how poor Nancy Pelosi’s political IQ is. Nancy Pelosi is only talented in fundraising and her crude political rhetoric toward her political enemies.

Pelosi’s political arguments have been full of bating and instigation since her early years in Congress.

When she was discussing a house Republican police reform Bill last summer, Nancy Pelosi accused the Republican senator of trying to get away with the murder, of George Floyd, rather than placing the blame on the Minneapolis police officer.

When asked why the House was passing the Obama care in 2010, she made fun of the members that didn’t have time to read it, saying that the chamber had “to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it.”

The earlier Nancy Pelosi is removed from office the better for the entire country, she has polluted the country’s political environment enough.


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    1. For all the crimes she has committed tearing up that paper behind president Trump was the first thing I’ve seen that she’s done but I hear she has done many things and she’s not being held accountable she gets to go home and count all her money that she stole from us why isn’t she being arrested like Hillary Clinton they both need to go take Harris with you and Biden you’re the ones that have screwed up the Americans lives

      1. I agree with you. The actual people in Congress needs to vote her out. Nancy, Harris,. And OBIDEN are destroying our beautiful nation.

        1. As I have said before the most dangerous criminals in America are in congress. Has anyone else noticed that pretty much everything Biden has said the truth ends up being the exact opposite. He had to shit on everyone in Afghanistan in order to not tarnish his reputation of being a complete and utter failure. The only thing he is good at is being a criminal and a traitor. The only domestic terrorist in America is the illegitimate president, Pelosi ,Harris, and Fauci the one who is at least 50% liable for the pandemic and all they have done is nurture it they all should be hanging from a tree swinging in the wind with a big sign out front saying we the people hold our government accountable who would like to run for office.

          1. That’s what Biden does he screws up bad than jumps to another issue called the con bait & switch ! He has to go ! Along with Harris , Nancy Pelosi , they all committed treason impeach ASAP fast track !

    2. Nancy Palosi thinks she’s a queen and we should bow down to her, she’s got another thing coming, we better keep a close eye on them the closer we get to 2022 they are already sending out tons of mail in ballots, they sent one to my niece who’s been dead for three years now. I got two within two days my whole family got two ballots as well. So you know their already planning and plotting how their going rig this election, maybe by causing another virus, because they can’t scare us with the coronavirus anymore

    1. Defund Palosi Nadler Schumer Obama Hilliary Biden etc and all the rest of these currupt career politicians who have been living lovely off the backs of the American people, and they are responsible for all the killing taking place in every single democratic state and cities, the crimes have gone up, the bcurruption in our country, they should be in jail

  1. They all need to go to jail country eroding the very fiber of what we play lie and cheat ,,,
    God liberty and justice and our children’s with the belief the next day’s gonna be OK

    1. Biden plan to build back better. So you have to totally destroy the country in order to build back better. Better for who. Certainly not for the people. We wouldn’t have to build back anything if he would have just stayed in his basement and kept his fkn hands off everything. Of course you can’t have a government ruling socialist take over if you have a country that has a booming economy. No you have to come in with something like a pandemic make it out to be something it isn’t panic everyone do lockdowns destroy businesses destroy the economy and get as many people depending on the government for help then take over the country and sell us out to china

  2. Trust me, you don’t want to know my thoughts here. There is not one clean thought about this demon, fool, idiot, imbecile, ugly hag, drunk, liar, etc. on and on, OK, it’s at the point now I have to stop or you will hear words that you never thought possible in any language. !!

  3. America has waited patiently for justice. With God’s help, all the rubbish that has tainted Washingon for decades will be swept aside permitting a leadership that will put America and the well-being of American citizens first and foremost.

  4. They all need to be hung for treason and crimes against humanity. They’ve been out to destroy our beautiful country. It’s been horrible. They need to be punished to the maximum. How would they like to be left in Afghanistan? I would hate to be them when they have to answer to God for what they’ve done.

  5. Common sense went out the Twindow in politics years ago They also took God out of the equation.T he world is changing fast. A . I. Is hard to figure out for us old broken up old Long. haired red necked old man



  6. This hateful sorry excuse for a human. We should have taken this garbage to gitmo 5 years ago. Then we would not be putting up with brainless Brandon. FJB!!

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