Petition For Congress To Investigate The Bill & Melinda Foundation For Covid Conspiracy Reaches 700,000 Signatures

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The petition on the website reads: We Call For Investigations Into The “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation” For Medical Malpractice & Crimes Against Humanity. 

As we look at events surrounding the “COVID-19 pandemic,” various questions remain unanswered. On Oct. 18th of 2019, only weeks prior to ground zero being declared in Wuhan, China, two major events took place. One is “Event 201,” the other is the “Military World Games,” held in none other than Wuhan. Since then a worldwide push for vaccines & biometric tracking has been initiated.

At the forefront of this is Bill Gates, who has publicly stated his interest in “reducing population growth” by 10-15%, by means of vaccination. Gates, UNICEF & WHO have already been credibly accused of intentionally sterilizing Kenyan children through the use of a hidden HCG antigen in tetanus vaccines.

Congress & all other governing bodies are derelict in duty until a thorough and public inquiry is complete. 


Meanwhile WHO gives a date for the end of the Covid pandemic, but Bill Gates says he has the ‘only solution’ to end the crisis.

Many have speculated about when the Covid-19 health crisis that has the world in check since 2020 will end. Now, the World Health Organization (WHO) gave an estimated date for the end of the pandemic. However, billionaire Bill Gates proposed what he considers the ‘only solution’ to end the coronavirus and future pandemics.

In a report published last Monday by the Gates Foundation, the tycoon reiterated that “the end has not yet come” and ventured to propose a solution to this pandemic and those to come.

“The only real solution to this problem is to have factories that can produce enough doses of vaccines for everyone in 100 days. It is feasible,” Gates said.

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37 thoughts on “Petition For Congress To Investigate The Bill & Melinda Foundation For Covid Conspiracy Reaches 700,000 Signatures

  1. Where is the oath to do no harm? How shameful is the actions of powers that be to commit a mass genocide? Bill Gates and his co- conspirers should be imprisoned and stripped of their wealth, finds which should then be taken and spilt to each person who are suffering from the vaccine injuries and to families who have lost someone as a result.

    1. Lost my mother , and lost my best friend . I lost my life . All by this cabal adminastration. I never would wish fear over people like this ever . Sad for what’s to come with the bigge est smile on my face 😂 Ever !

      1. Yes Keith… i cant wait but wait i will for my smile too. they cannot steal or harm my soul… i saw this coming way back.. lying through their back teeth. Killer jab.. lost my job. Thank you to sll wji are awake and standing strong .may God in his mercy and grace protect you .AMEN

      2. I Came down with Covid early on . when the hospitals were overwhelmed with patients . I thought I just had the flu .But it seem deferent then the ordinary flu , Because on Day # 3 or 4 I noticed I lost all sense of smell and taste . Because my family all agreed on quarantining our selves I was home alone .That night I fail out of my chair 💺 at my desk and I lost control of my hands .I broke out in a sweat 💦 My God was thing to get me up and back on my feet .I managed to get up just enough to get in my bed 🛏️ Then I passed out . Next thing I know my oldest son was standing at my bed side .Then my entire family was there . I laid there about 13 hour’s before they recovered me . I was rushed to the ER where they discovered I had suffered a major blood clot in my heart 💔 The Covid had caused blood clots in my 🫁 lungs that travel to My heart and I suffered a cardiac arrest ..I spent 5 weeks in ICU in isolation . After that I spent another 2 weeks in a Nursing home for rehabilitation . I’m a Vietnam Veteran ,and I’m a tuff 74 Year old warrior who’s hardly ever been Ill . Sence that time I have lost 12 family members to Covid . One uncle and 3 Aunt’s were in their 80s .But my son-in-law died from Covid ,and he died a horrible death he actually busted his right lung trying to breathe him lasted 3 days before he was placed on a ventilator .He was a healthy 48 Year old outdoors man who loved hunting and fishing 🎣 He even traveled to Africa 🌍 to hunt big game he and My daughter . I lost several cousin’s and one nephew all in their late 30s .All this happened in the last 2 years . But I was bthe first to come down wy Covid and the only one of them to survive ..But I had damaged my Heart 💔 from being Uunconscious for so long before getting to the hospital …I’m doing much better today thanks to the ICU doctors and nurses .And the mercy of almighty God .. Àmen 🙏

    2. I am in agreement that they should be brought to justice, I too have lost my wife this year because she was not treated base on her condition.

    3. I agree, this is like allowing Hitler to get away with murdering millions of innocent people , our justice system is not running towards good .😡

  2. We the people, and that probably means not just in the USA but right around the globe, are heartily sick of people like Gates who screwed us into the ground when we all had to have an OS for our computers and his damn little company always charged far too much for his poor stuff. Now, with money in his pocket he wants to screw us again by buying up farm land and damaging the world population with vaccines that are definitely not what they profess to be in the syringe. If you look at the Swedish research into the Covid, so called vaccine then realistically no one should be given it and yet our poisonous governments are pushing it like its some sort of god given safety device which it is patently not! So what about the damage to 53BP01 and BRC1 proteins that are key to our long term health because of what they do with our DNA? Or is this how Gates and his fellow control freaks and psychopaths plan to destroy the human race? This is a cull, nothing more, and is part of Agenda 21 and I want to know who the bastards are who thought this was a good idea!

    1. hi, from germany, you are right, look in to Klaus Schwaab, Davos and so on, you´´ ll find what you are looking for.

    1. Bill Gates I truly believe is behind Covid because he’s friends with China and he always talks about reducing the Human Population. He’s paying to spray our skies with chemicals in order to block the Sun, This guy needs to be put under the Jail.

      1. Seemingly he also paid for exercises to disperse rain clouds to cause low water levels and possibly famine, by having them sprayed with silver iodide! I’m guessing that’s to excel the hype about global warming but also to have farm land unable to grow food and unable to keep livestock alive whilst his farm land thrives , let’s watch food become unaffordable to most because bill gatesofhell has the one thing that everyone needs

    2. This is not real Big Gate and his wife Melinda, both were hanged in 2013 something that year approx, bc they destroy children and teenage girl who can’t have children, Prime Minster charge them for death penalty. How this Bill Gate and his wife came about. I think there was plastic surgery unknown person. I think they killed the plastic surgery to cover up..

    3. Ted… people are finally doing the awakening stuff. The jab is the weapon to depopulate the earth. The last cull was in WW2. Gates, fauci are folliwing germants model. The people are now hyponised (herd immunity). God will save us all..

  3. He needs to keep his nose out of American business!!! Maybe he could explain how throwing money after global warming has helped!!!!! He should maybe stop trying to buy the media to spread his trash! He is an evil man!

  4. I am in agreement that they should be brought to justice, I too have lost my wife this year because she was not treated base on her condition.

  5. I advise you all to read The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion (The Neturei Karta exposed that book to the Ottoman Empire, the Catholic Church, etc. Before WW1, sadly only the Catholic Church believed the Neturei Karta while everyone else called the Neturei Karta “CRAZY CONSPIRACY THEORISTS” Gee look what happened) then the Babylonian Talmud (the Jews exposed that book to the Christians and Muslims, and gee, look what’s becoming the unholy book of the one world religion). Wake up people.

  6. There is no way this guy should be able to buy his way in to pushing his adjectives on everyone he is showing all you need for power s cash

  7. Ted…. our only hope left is in GOD HIMSELF. He is returning to take his own out of this mess SOON. accept Jesus Christ as Lord and saviour of your life etc.. i have no fear… i hv a sound mind.

  8. I need everyone to hear this. EVERY charity, hospital, etc is a mask. Evil hides behind “Good” and charitable organizations. 13 families head the World Elite. Some you have heard of, and the top you most likely have not heard of.
    Demons can manifest themselves in a person. Complete control. Fear, confusion, and lies. Our history is compiled with lies. This virus is a lie. I research patents. I disclosed my research in 2019. That research had teeth because FB, Instagram, and other pages completely banned me. Two scientists from DC asked me how I put it together. The 100% called me.
    Aluminum Oxide aka chemtrails settles into the tiny balloon sacks in the lowest part of our lungs. The alveoli. The aluminum oxide lives there year after year unless they (the alveolis) are disrupted by a frequency. The older you are, the more dust Aluminum Oxide you have stored.
    Frequency has been used for decades to control not just animals yet also humans. They also use color but that is another topic.
    Because some humans on this planet don’t have access to modern technology to cause harm to themselves. The Elite needed a better way to spread the frequency. Introducing 5G. Widespread of this disease how? How is it spread to parts of the world that nobody travels to and from?
    The plan was to first get people used to wanting a cell phone because a pager needed what? A phone. The pager goes off, you ran to find a phone. This made the introduction of a cell phone to be a need for most and a want for others. The Elite made the want build up and then the governments gave free phones to the wealth challenged. (Poor) Now everyone has allowed a listen device into their lives without a need for a warrant. Audio, visual & locator.
    So now you are carrying a loaded “gun”. This weapon now controls you. 5G now controls humans’ behavior and health. Shortly the patent US20200097951A1 will be in full swing. You will have no Government to speak for you or your State. It will be called The One.
    They will “sell” the idea like they sold the vaccine. Amazon sidewalk opened that door along with Ring technology.
    The only way to stop the Devil is by listening to Our Lord and Savior.
    By standing against the evil.
    Does this mean your lives? Most yes. How? Fear. They ordered 30k guillotine. True, it’s on the White House public purchase orders during 2 administrations ago. Why such a device? Once a public beheading happens on your soil on every device people own, fear will make most comply. Seeing a parent or a child go through that will change minds quickly to not show disrespect to the Elite wishes. Friends and family will turn on each other.
    The time is now to act. To cut off the serpent’s head. Yet, the chest game has now turned into the cup and ball game. Nobody knows which cup has the ball under it. The Gates? The Clintons? The Rothschild? No, the ball is under a very powerful family that is one with Satan. Well hidden by the minions…Minion definition, a servile follower or subordinate of a person in power.

  9. I guess what is the point of these. We could have the 99% of the population not counting babies or illegal immigrants only q9 and older of the United States of America They could sign this or one of these petitions and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WOULD HAPPEN! There are more Let’s go Brandon Sign than Biden across the United States. So please explain why has nothing been done Trump was going to be impeached like Pelosi said as he was being sworn in. WHY DO THE BAD PEOPLE STILL SIT UP THERE ??

  10. Am just supprised and astonished. The poor of Kenya who are reached by media are at risk. If this can happened in the develop world continent what will realy happen to africa if not Kenya. That we do just received donations without looking at the implications . We are done are we are dead. No independence no no governance at all. God will only judge us equaly.

  11. Even 2 Doses of COVID-19 Vaccines and many Booster Shots can NEVER Kill ALL the Variants and MUTANTS of CoronaVirus in any Person or END the so-called COVID-19 (FLU) in him or her and STOP the PANDEMIC from spreading! CoronaVirus PARTICLES have lived in the CHROMOSOMES of White Cells of Humans, Apes and many other Animals and Birds for MILLIONS of Years! NATURE shall NEVER allow even ANY or ALL types of Vaccines to destroy ALL the MUTANTS or VARIANTS of CoronaVirus in ALL the People, as that would also KILL every VACCINATED Man, Woman and Child‼️ How can the absolutely CRAZY Leaders, Scientists and Doctors CHALLENGE the Laws of NATURE by using the COVID-19 Vaccines? They are bound to FAIL very badly!

  12. Gates is a thief who suffers mental delusions of importance. He stole the DOS software he renamed windows. This man has no moral compass and needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later

    1. Yes indeed. Many do not know that. Backed by the money people to make that terrible OS become world beating and as you say stealing the code and with IBM’s help distributed the crappy OS all over the world to replace IBM typewriters. This is how it got big immediately.

  13. This guy wants to create a vaccine to “cure” religion in people. I heard him say this in one of his interviews ages ago.

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