Petition to Impeach Nancy Pelosi For Crimes of Treason

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a TRAITOR to the American People! Sign Petition to Impeach Nancy Pelosi for Crimes of treason. The Constitution defines, “Treason against the US.. ..adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

Illegal aliens are enemies that invade our country with drugs, human trafficking, and terrorist causing death and crime to American citizens.

Nancy Pelosi support these enemies by voting for and providing them aid and comfort through Sanctuary policies funded by US citizen tax dollars, and refuses to protect American people by refusing to fund our border wall, leaving our borders open and unsafe.

Pelosi refused to meet with Angel families, caused the government shut down then traveled on US dollars to Hawaii and Puerto Rico while 800,000 Fed workers don’t get paid, and uninvited Trump for SOTU. Sign Petition to Impeach Nancy Pelosi for treason!

Speaker of the House of Assembly Nancy Pelosi is not serving the Americans best interest rather her own selfish political agenda to attack the President while acquiring power for herself!




100 thoughts on “Petition to Impeach Nancy Pelosi For Crimes of Treason

  1. These people are evil/ they must be impeached ! It is not our duly elected president that should be impeached/ and I’m glad the american people have awoke from the spells that these fake news media bastards have been putting on the american people ! AND THEY HAVE AWAKENED THE SLEEPING GIANT !/ AND NOW THEIR TRYING TO ROCK US BACK TO SLEEP/ WITH THEIR LIES/ AND DIRTY SCHEMES ! THESE PEOPLE ARE PATHETIC !

    1. We the people need to come together to get these clown out of office before they destroy our great nation.I dont think there should be 2 party system Democrats have to go

      1. There’s a war going on in our country right now more formidable and the previous Cold War we went through with the Russians back after World War II all the way up until 1990 the left-wing communist party in this country which is supported by the headquarters for the communist movement in New York City is more dangerous to the American people then China Russia North Korea and Iran put together * 10 these are the true enemies there throughout American society not in large numbers a formidable minority but they’re they’re just the same and they’re in high positions of power they must be eliminated we need to drain the swamp completely this is more important in regards to the defense of our country then ever before this is the most dangerous threat to our Constitution and our Bill of Rights and the ideology of our founding forefathers they are attacking the very architectural design of our government system set up by the founding forefathers every American should go to the polls and vote Republican Republican Republican across-the-board this is no joke this is a direct result perpetrated by the fake news propaganda machine the most dangerous communistic anti-American enemies of our country are right here standing in the same room as true Americans and true Patriots their enemies throughout our society we need to eliminate them once and for all remember on Election Day Republican Republican Republican


      1. Just the fact that they take it upon ourselves spend money that the taxpayers give and they neglect to help homeless vets poverty-stricken families they all need to see inside of a jail cell and that a federal one send them to Alcatraz

      1. What she has done is not a good thing at all. I sure it real close to be jail time offence. If not one worse than that!

      1. Yes Dee I agree but how do you you suppose we go about doing it? The Dems wanna hang all Trump supporters and, they have claimed we are domestic terrorists..We need our legit President in the white house ASAP!! I believe our Great Country is in big trouble as well as Isreal..Please let me know your thoughts

    3. Start a march to the White House with 10 million people and have them removed. While we are on the subject , have illan omar sentenced and placed in the custody of ICE FOR DEPORTATION. SETTING An example needs to start somewhere, how about now.

      1. more like 72 million people.. The ones whose votes were not counted need to go and have a voice in one place without any violence like our President Trump said!!

    4. Trumps commander and chief of the armed forces who love him.
      Love to see a convoy of a million soldiers attacking the traitors in the supreme court house Senate media mayors and governors.

    5. Nancy Pelosi should be taken out of office and put in prison for all the bad that she put this country through and the crap she did to trump

    6. I do too think nancy Pelosi and chuck Schumer and harris and biden also maximize waters 💧 and the crooked from New York should all be impeached for breaking the the constitution and going against putting thier hands on the Bible and pledge to to hold thier word but broke it and disgraceing American citizens

    7. HELP!
      I am putting this message here, in hope that people will see it. I can’t sign the petition because there is no navigation link appearing to take me to the sign page.
      Is something up here? Or, is it just me?

    8. I’m watching from afar, (United Kingdom). However, the fate of the USA will definitely affect us for better or worse. With the current administration we are all going to suffer and America will be no more if they are allowed to continue destroying your culture, laws and standards! Every day I learn more and more about their lies and their deception and my blood boils for you! I love America and all it stands for. I am a proud Englishman and if the government here was to begin to do the things that’s happening to you I would definitely rise up and fight back with everything I have. People here are attempting to stop us flying our flag and wokeness is a thing here too. However, it’s not as bad as you have it. I want you to know that you have massive support from this side of the pond. Make sure you put them out of business and do it asap!

    9. The same is happening in Israel. Traitors and incompetent people formed a disgraceful government bowing down to Israel enemies whose aim is to destroy the State of Israel and kill it’s citizens..
      .people are horrified by Banners lies and intrigues and his partnership with the far leftists who force him to dismantle our Army and its Commanders, and not to respond to acts if terror perpetrated by ARABS, who are citizens of the State and or enemies of the State who are armed to their teeth with weapons stolen or bought illegally.


    1. I am marking this into stone Pelosi. Take your garble and run, if you don’t you will become no more than garbage. You will be going to jail. It will be a glorious day when the steel railed door will shut the heavenly echo in your face. Get it lier, how I know it all the way!!!

    2. Yes kick pelosi, schiff, shumer, natttler kick them all out of the white house..
      they are all no good for the people.

  3. I was listening to Pelosi “s speech and I have 4 regrets. ##1 THEY DIDN’T ALLOW COMMENTS #2I COULDN’T dislike it 1,000,000 ties#3 I couldn’t delete the video and drum roll please #4 I couldn’t smack her in her Lyon’ mouth!!

    1. We could smack her in her lying mouth if we can get close enough….maybe knock those false teeth across the room👍🇺🇸 Where’s this Fucking petition to put her sorry ass out of a job??? I wanted to sign it🥳

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  5. She has destroyed the credibility of the Democrat party… finally people are seeing who they really are! But she has outlasted her usefulness. Time to go Nancy, but thank you for helping our cause

  6. Hi, 1st Time Visiting here, Would love feedback, visiting a lawyer as soon as a hear back from Judicial Watch.
    Violation US Code Title 18 Part 1 Chapter 115 Treason, Sedition and Subversive Activities
    Sections: 2381 Treason, 2383 Insurrection, 2384 Sedition, 2386 Advocating Overthrow
    The People of Washington State, and
    The People of the United States
    CNN International, Jeff Zucker CEO, One CNN Center, 190 Marietta St NW Suite 1, Atlanta GA 30303
    Fox News Group, Susanne Scott, CEO, Fox News, 1211 Avenue of the Americas, New York City NY 10112
    NBC Universal Media, Jeff Shell CEO, NBC News, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York NY 10112
    To all that may be concerned,
    CNN, NBC and FOX are hereby being sued in total for $360,000,000,000 “Three-hundred-sixty-billion dollars”. This is $1000 for each US citizen or more to be divided among complainants and be proportionally accessed against each institute’s totally false, seditious, slanderous and treasonous activities based on the amount printed, broadcast and documented by internal conspirator deliberations and communications. January 28th 2020, a Tuesday the News Blackout by CNN and NBC of President Trump’s Israeli/Palestine Peace Plan was an actual crime against humanity and the catalyst for this case action liability lawsuit. The negative minute to minute slanderous and false hourly news reporting every day since the election of President Trump has been organized propaganda against all peoples of conscience. CNN and NBC are worst with consistently falsifying every outstanding historical accomplishment and continuously calling for impeachment and removal from office, as per Phil Mudd on CNN repeatedly calling on deep state intelligence operatives to assassinate the President on live TV and further documented by immediate emergency reporting to FBI, DOJ and Fox News via Twitter by AT1 Higgins. The continuing conspiracy of FAKE NEWS MSM, Globalist Deep State, and Anti-American Socialist Democrats are not only treasonous acts of sedition but total Apocalyptic Antichristian Anti-American actions documented by statements in print and broadcast that directly damage and grievously harm most peace-loving American persons and all US patriots of Democrat, Independent, and Republican Parties alike by stripping truth in government and media and instilling hate in gender, race and faith relations in place of truth and justice for all. The ownership, management, and employees of the organizations must be charged and held liable for grossly damaging false and slanderous statements against the people. Mass resignations are not enough but harsh monetary penalties must be imposed with public exposure and apologies. With this statement, notice is being given of class action lawsuits filing immediately. God Bless America, the greatest nation on Earth and the history of mankind. God bless President Trump and the future of all peoples. May God have mercy on misguided souls for such actions or complacency and/or inaction on these matters of conspiracy, treason, and sedation.
    Justice is not Revenge, Most Respectfully,

    1. This sums up what I have been thinking for the last 5 years. From even before Trump was elected there was a conspiracy to get rid of him and the FBI was used to illegally investigate Trump’s inner circle. What followed was four years of relentless attacks and false accusations. When their illegal investigations and wire tapping netted nothing they resorted to manufacturing crimes and twisting every situation all the while colluding with the media to distort the truth that the whole thing was just pure hatred for Trump for having the audacity to tell America the truth. This whole thing has done more harm to America and democracy than can ever be repaired. We can investigate January 6 the all you want but I personally will NEVER be convinced that anything other than Nancy and the circle of what we call the swamp are 100 percent responsible for all of it!!! I’m unafraid to stand up and publicly say it.

  7. Pelosi, Schifty, Nadler, Schumer and all the Demonrats have lost control of the POS between their ears. The are a disgrace to America and themselves. Not 1 of the has the ability to tell the truth. So out of control they believe the garbage they spew. It’s past time for indictments

      1. Drain the swamp people means not just half way. It means if we the people don’t wake the fuck up soon drain the swamp all reds blues dems republicans are the same the stock market rigged news fake pan demic working perfect and a country on fire. The president said it’s because they don’t rake the pine needles up wtf .They all need to go and it’s going fast our country is going in the swamp down the drain with everyone in it. WETHEPEOPLE. Wake the fuck up. The whole Gov is stale and beyond belief the sickness in the minds of these rulers There’s great Americans with great ways and knowledge to make this country the greatest place on the planet forever.We don’t just want to be great again good catch phrase but it 100% bullshit in both parties it’s time to retire them and start over or it’s over for millions of Americans that work 50 hrs + week and drive 3 hours a day one way to commute to a job with a 1980s salary. GETREADY all the ones still with the blinders on still saying it’s the republicans causing all this no it’s the democrats causing all this Once it’s all burned looted and there is never a light anywhere near the tunnel we are doomed. And we are slipping past that point of no return in so many ways around the world it is unfathomable to me. Viruses plagued this planet for centuries but now the world wears a mask like it normal. Why you ask No We don’t question nothing .The prisons are full of drug offenders. Pot dealers and Drs infest are population with heroin and everyone is fine with that. Wake the fuck up or millions will sleep forever.

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  14. I’m hoping for the gallows myself. Watching her dentures fall out as her feet twitch in the wind would be the ultimate bonus for the American citizens.

    1. Mark,
      I have to say I absolutely can NOT stand Nancy Pelosi but I never would’ve thought about her being hung from the gallows and the description you put along with it thereafter. I am speechless…….because I am trying my damndest to keep from bursting out laughing while I’m laying in bed next to my husband while he’s asleep!!!!!! Picturing her false teeth falling out and her feet twitching…….OMG!!!! I’ve just got to stop or I’m going to have an asthma attack!!!! Keep up the GREAT WORK!! I will think of that now EVERYTIME I see her on TV and Now it will be a pleasure!!!! Lololol!!!! Thank you SOOOO MUCH! You should be a comedian!

  15. When a EMPLOYER. (The American people) are disappointed in the employment agreement the the EMPLOYER removes the person in question. NANCY PELOSI. CHUCK SCHUMER. ADAM SCHIFF. JERRY NADLER. SO ON SO FORTH. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WANT THEM REMOVED. ( FIRED)

  16. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and most Democrats are treasonous to your country. These people need to be convicted and financially punished! These people have ripped off every American for decades, lying to the American people to enrich themselves and others at the people’s expense.

    1. You are exactly right! If you can see it why can’t the idiots over here figure that out?? I keep waiting and waiting thinking surely to God justice is going to come down!!!

  17. Killary Clinton was once interviewed an asked if she would be prosecuted and put in jail. She herself said with the utmost confidence, very matter-of-factly, “NO”. IS THAT NOT TELLING?! She has put immunity in place for herself and Ovamit. Killary calls the shots. She said in an interview that: “Biden should not concede if Trump wins,” the woman literally calls the shots and she’s in a position to do it on public TV. How can she be prosecuted? The work that is being done to indict Killary and the Deep State is very very poor. WHY? Wake the hell up folks! The Deep State started the process to Globalize, Socialize and spy on anyone, Flynn, Trump, whatever it takes, immediately after ‘that woman’ was pardoned. Wake the hell up and get to work folks why am I saying this, I live in the Middle East, why do I see the writing on the wall and no one else seems to see what is squarely in front of America waiting to devour her!!!!

    1. I see it Malka. My husband and I have been watching it for some time thinking that someone will stop them!!! I think they are so deeply embedded all over the place now Its impossible to know who is with them and who isn’t. Then there are everyday Americans that have swallowed the Democrat agenda, hook, line, and sinker. I don’t understand them. I have a brother that is one of them. He votes democrat come hell or high water. Well It’s gonna come to that!!! I’ve tried to talk to him. Tried to tell him what’s going on. Give him the TRUTH!!! He refuses to listen to any of it. Thinks it’s all bullshit and that everything that CNN, MSNBC, CBS are telling him is the truth and he told me he didn’t give a shit what I had studied or researched or what I had to say, he was voting for Biden. What can I say? He’s an idiot!!! And that’s a lot of people in this country right now. It’s like the Pied Piper and he’s playing a tune that they just can’t help but follow him straight into HELL!!!!!!

  18. She was one of many congressmen/women who kept saying no one is above the law. She has already done several wrongs and crimes. Impeaching the president for what she literally did to the Senate, quid-quo-pro Nancy. Saying she would not send the impeachment papers to the Senate if they dont do what she demands of them. If that excuss,was good enough for the congress to impeach the President, which they had no proof of,,it should be good enough for her to be impeached.

    We also have her making liable statements about the President and Russia, all of which were already proven false in several congressional hearing before her accusations were made Zero Excuse.

    Tearing up the Presidential speech, again another on national TV.

    Encouraging people to come out during a pandemic. After the president tried to save lives and keep people from getting into the nation from other countries. Unless an American citizen m for which he would quarantine for the allotted time needed to insure they were not contiguous. Then tried to dump all those deaths her and the Democrats played a clear hand in.

    She has also openly encouraged riots as well as many in her party. Where he being asked about the destruction of national monuments, statues, she said she could not care. Her oath to office said,she had a legal obligation to care. Same,with other democrats and their office oath, in congress, governors, mayors, and judicial. Not to mention freeing prisoners who went back to committing crimes. Refusing to acknowledge riots, like their democratic cohorts. And,,refusing to recognize BLM Antifa as terroristic groups. Both already having a long standing past history and a very strong present history as well. The lives, property, assaults, rapes, murders, treats people had suffered because,they refused to publically acknowledge it. Yet, had no problem acknowledging it whither their handout for federal money. If it did not happen, they have nothing to ask money for. Since they are asking for federal aid for these things, clearly they knews it.

  19. To Whom It May Concern;

    Nancy Pelosi is a disgrace to this republic of America! She needs to be removed from office as her decision making is in serious question. Chuck Schumer should step down, he is dishonest as the day is long. Gerald Nadler is another dishonest “politician”. Kamala Harris is corrupt to the core! There are many more in this category! I’m praying for a better America for my grandchildren, and if things continue, they won’t have a fighting chance. Patrizia M. Szymanowicz

  20. She is a hypocrite and breaks laws more than amy career criminal. She lives and survives on her double standards and needs to step down immediately. She lies everytime her mouth opens! Of anyone caused the insurrection on January 6th 2021, ot was her who instigated and orchestrated the entire thing, NOT President Trump!


  22. So how in the hell do we sign the petition or is this just some bullshit that we always hear. We’re sick of it. I dont like Pelosi, trumps policies were much better but I’m sick of these fake ass stories about people doing something. Actually do something! Let’s get petitions signed, let’s do what we gotta do and enough of the bullshit stories

  23. Pelosi’s god is $. She sold America out decades ago!
    She’s a withered old hag sitting on her heap of gold
    like Schmaug in the Hobbitt! Hope they hang her for treason and remove her horde of gold prior so she realizes it’s all gone before she goes to dirt!

  24. I’m commenting about Senator Rand Paul. That channel turned off the comments because they don’t want to hear what the people really think. You know the name of this show called magician yousician, tell me his name I’ll fix his ass. You know that nothing’s going to happen to the clintons Nancy Pelosi Schumer Nadler and all the rest of the f***** up Democrats. It’s all a show

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