This is not a drill, your humble and swift actions as patriots are required to sign the petition to impeach President Joe Biden, so we can keep the United States of America Free, Safe, Keep Our Freedom of Speech, Keep our Country Self Efficient, and Keep More People Employed in America. We Must Also Prove Life Matters.

The United States of America must be able to take care of itself and not have to rely on other countries to survive. We must lower the debt not raise our debt to other countries. Employment needs to continue to raise. We also need to respect life. We can not do this with the President in Office right now.

Joe Biden is a traitor to the United States of America. He is handing America over to CCP. We are losing our Constitution & God-given right to freedom, with every passing second, he is in office. He is a Cancer slowly eating the country up.

Just when we thought we have seen it all, a rape case that was long buried resurfaced years after being suppressed by the Biden camp. This happened when Joe Biden was the Vice President under Barack Obama and also during his tenure as a congressional Senator.

A reporter at the Intercept by name Ryan Grim published the rape allegation article against Joe Biden from 1993 when he was still a U.S Senator, According to the article by Grim:

Tara Reade Last April watched as a familiar conversation around her former boss, Joe Biden, and his relationship with his personal aid unfolded on the national stage. Nevada politician Lucy Flores alleged that Biden had inappropriately sniffed her hair and kissed the back of her head as she waited to go on stage at a rally in 2014.

Joe Biden, in a statement in defense of his father, said that “not once” in his career did he believe that he had acted inappropriately. But Flores’s allegation sounded accurate to Reade, she said, because Reade had experienced something very similar as a staffer in Biden’s Senate office years earlier.

After she saw an episode of the ABC show “The View,” in which most of the panelists stood up for Biden and attacked Flores as politically motivated, Reade decided that she had no choice but to come forward and support Flores.

She gave an interview to a local reporter, describing several instances in which Biden had behaved similarly toward her, inappropriately touching her during her early-’90s tenure in his Senate office.

In that first interview, she decided to tell a piece of the story, she said, that matched what had happened to Flores — plus, she had filed a contemporaneous complaint, and there were witnesses, so she considered the allegation bulletproof.

The short article brought a wave of attention on her, along with accusations that she was doing the bidding of Russian President Vladimir Putin, hence Reade went quiet… ACT NOW by endorsing this petition to impeach President Joe Biden is a threat to democracy and puppet of China. The earlier he is impeached the better for the future of this great country.


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  1. The man is incompetent and is going to have the American people so in dept we will never get out of it.

  2. Joseph Biden has once again demonstrated he does not have the ability to lead this country. The fiasco in Afghanistan is an abomination to the values of America. Regretfully, I have no choice but to DEMAND Joesph Biden be removed from the office of President. He has clearly and repeatedly demonstrated a lack of leadership qualities and consistently, for many reasons, demonstrated why he lacks the qualities our country needs in our leaders. Afghanistan is the final straw. He is simply not up for the job and must be impeached!

  3. If we don’t get President Trump back in office this month our country is gone and will never return to normalcy. Biden has destroyed all our safety, our freedoms, our way of life and our liberty. It’s time to fight back with force if we love our country. Patriots unite!

  4. Well I think Joe Biden is not fit for office and it is being pinched along with all his Democratic Party that’s that is on the Joe Biden Administration team and the vice president needs to be impeached as well for letting all the prisoners out free she’s not fit for office either

  5. Biden is a Spineless weasel that has no brain! He cheated to get into office and is cheating America out of jobs, economics, GDP, and dividing people for no reason other than Race Politics. He is a RACIST AND A COMMUNIST PUPPET FIGURE! IMPEACH 46 AND THE V.P.

  6. We need a real leader in office. Biden has no spine and they all know it. He is ruining our country at least trump did what he said he would.and know what he started is all messed up.trump all the way!!2024 if not sooner!!

  7. The whole party should be in trouble! Yes he should be impeached! Not only because he is 1 of the worst want to be présidents but because he never won the election to begin with!!! You all know this!

  8. This person is evil and obviously does not have America’s or its citizens best interest at heart. He cheated to win and is corrupt and is destroying our country…not to mention how he sold us out to china. He needs to go!!! But then Harris takes over which is just as scarey….then pelosi….God help us all! God bless America

  9. I as a true patriot of the United States of America know and understand that the man portraying to be the president of the United States Joe Biden is not actually Joe Biden he is an imposter. The real Joe Biden has been executed for many crimes treason one of them. Thank you God bless you and God bless our great president Donald Trump.

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