Viral video reveals that the COVID vaccine affects DNA, Fauci goes into hiding

Dr. McCullough: I’d like to express my appreciation for your time “People who have received the vaccine now have a permanent alteration in their genes, indicating that they have the gene code for the dangerous Wuhan spike protein… suggesting that they may be able to produce the spike protein at a chronic low level sufficient to cause disease or at an inducible level sufficient to cause disease years later…

According to this research, it is by far and away the most alarming study to have been published since the introduction of the vaccines in the issue. Depending on if this is true, we may be at tremendous risk since parent cells would pass it on to daughter cells, placing us in much greater danger.

A portion of this spike protein will be included in gametocytes (sperm and egg [cells], for example), and will be passed down to the child, and we will never be able to completely remove this spike protein from the human population.”

According to the results of an inquiry, it was determined that these vaccine dosages are part of Dr. Fauci’s plot to make financial gains while utilizing people as test subjects for his research.

Comprehensive assessments of the vaccine created have prompted debate, as Dr. Fauci’s approach to dealing with the outbreak has been called into doubt and portrayed as a series of deceptions done by Fauci and his friends to benefit from the situation.

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s arrest and questioning have been demanded by several professionals to ensure that the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases does not go unpunished and faces possible jail time.

In an interview, Senator Rand Paul said that the Republicans will assume control of the Senate after the 2017 midterm elections. Dr. Fauci is expected to be investigated and imprisoned, according to the senator.

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