Fauci’s the ‘most damaging’ civil servant in US history

Fauci’s the ‘most damaging’ civil servant in US history

OutKick originator Clay Travis accused Dr. Anthony Fauci of proceeding with his account on lockdowns and faulting previous President Donald Trump for Covid passings Thursday on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”


Earth TRAVIS: He’s the most damaging civil servant throughout the entire existence of the United States. Also, assuming you were observing at present and you were saying, “Hello, what’s the significance of the midterms?” We must win back the House and we need to win back the Senate so this person can be put after swearing to tell the truth. He likely will resign. I believe that presumably, he’ll do, is run for the ways out when he begins to get truly addressed on this. He ought to have been asked there, “Alright, so we did lockdown. Do you believe we should secure like China? Do you believe that individuals should mallet and nail American residents into their homes as they did in China and deny individuals to leave?” I’d likewise prefer to be aware, “Hello, incidentally, Dr. Fauci, why have more individuals passed on in the event that Donald Trump did such an awful occupation with COVID? Why have more individuals kicked the bucket since Joe Biden became president, and we had the COVID shot, the COVID antibody – anything you desire to call it – generally conveyed all around this country?”

2 thoughts on “Fauci’s the ‘most damaging’ civil servant in US history

  1. Finally someone got it right he’s a civil servant not a leader and should be jailed for not protecting the American people.

  2. Mass murderer has to be publically dealt with creating viruses that kill us people WHY likes of him bill gates saying that the population is to big they had no rights I suggest publically dealt with for mass murder treason etc hung shot but done in public to set a example to the next lunatic who lets the death toll grow to hide they’re lying failings

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