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Federal Polytechnic Ile-Oluji List Of Courses 2023/2024

Federal Polytechnic Ile-Oluji (FEDPOLEL) stands as a beacon of educational excellence in Ondo State, Nigeria. Established in 1979, FEDPOLEL has been dedicated to equipping students with the skills necessary for career success and fostering development within Nigeria. With a strong emphasis on practical training and a high demand for its graduates in the job market, FEDPOLEL is an ideal choice for those seeking quality education.

Choosing the Right Course:

One of the initial steps in embarking on your educational journey at FEDPOLEL is selecting the right course of study. The polytechnic offers a diverse range of programs, spanning engineering, technology, business, and management. To help you make an informed decision, here is a comprehensive list of courses offered at FEDPOLEL:


  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering


  • Agricultural Technology
  • Architectural Technology
  • Business Administration and Management Technology
  • Computer Science Technology
  • Cooperative Economics and Management Technology
  • Electrical/Electronics Engineering Technology
  • Fisheries Technology
  • Science Laboratory Technology
  • Statistics


  • Accountancy
  • Business Administration and Management


  • Cooperative Economics and Management
  • Public Administration

Factors to Consider:

When deciding on a course of study, several factors should influence your choice:

  1. Your Interests: Consider what you are passionate about and where your strengths lie. Aligning your course of study with your interests ensures a more engaging and fulfilling educational experience.
  2. Career Goals: Define your post-graduation aspirations. Your chosen course should align with your career goals, setting you on the right path towards achieving success in your desired field.
  3. Job Market Trends: Research the job prospects for graduates in your chosen field. Opt for courses that are in demand, increasing your chances of securing employment upon graduation.
  4. Cost of Tuition: Evaluate the financial aspect of your education. Consider the cost of tuition for your selected course, ensuring it aligns with your budget and financial plans.
  5. Location: Reflect on the location of FEDPOLEL. Ensure that the polytechnic is situated in a place that suits your preferences and provides a conducive environment for your studies.


Choosing the right course of study is a pivotal decision that sets the foundation for your future career. At FEDPOLEL, the array of courses offered ensures there is something for everyone. By considering your interests, career goals, job market trends, tuition costs, and the location of the polytechnic, you can make an informed choice that will propel you towards success. Embrace the opportunities at FEDPOLEL and embark on a journey of academic excellence and personal growth.

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