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Igbajo Polytechnic School Fees For Freshers And Old Students 2023/2024

Are you considering pursuing your National Diploma (ND) or Higher National Diploma (HND) at Igbajo Polytechnic in the State of Osun, Nigeria? Look no further for a detailed overview of the school fees for both freshers and returning students for the upcoming 2023/2024 academic session. In this article, we’ll break down the fees, discuss influential factors, and guide you on hassle-free payment methods.

Igbajo Polytechnic: Empowering Students for Success

Nestled in the heart of Boluwaduro Local Government Area, Igbajo Polytechnic stands as a beacon of quality education since its establishment in 2009. The institution is dedicated to molding skilled graduates in engineering, technology, business, and management, fostering their growth to contribute significantly to Nigeria’s development.

2023/2024 School Fees Breakdown

For students gearing up for the new academic session, understanding the financial commitment is crucial. Here’s a breakdown of the school fees at Igbajo Polytechnic:

  • Freshers: ₦250,000
  • Returning Students: ₦200,000

Factors Influencing School Fees

Several factors may influence the variation in school fees at Igbajo Polytechnic:

  1. Course of Study: Fees can differ based on the program, with engineering and technology courses generally incurring higher costs.
  2. Level of Study: Higher National Diploma (HND) students typically pay higher fees than their National Diploma (ND) counterparts.
  3. Accommodation: Opting for on-campus accommodation incurs an additional fee.
  4. Other Fees: Various supplementary fees like registration, examination, and library fees may contribute to the overall expenses.

Payment Methods Made Easy

To facilitate a smooth payment process, Igbajo Polytechnic offers multiple payment methods:

  1. Online Payments: Utilize the user-friendly Igbajo Polytechnic portal for convenient online transactions.
  2. Bank Payments: Visit any designated bank branch to settle your fees hassle-free.
  3. On-Campus Payments: For a personalized touch, head to the Igbajo Polytechnic bursary office to make your payment in person.


Choosing Igbajo Polytechnic means investing in a quality education that prepares you for a successful career. By understanding the school fees structure, potential students can plan their finances accordingly. Whether you’re a fresher embarking on a new educational journey or a returning student continuing your pursuit of knowledge, Igbajo Polytechnic remains committed to your academic and professional growth.

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