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In the dynamic landscape of Nigeria’s entrepreneurial spirit, countless innovative business ideas with immense potential often find themselves stunted by a lack of funding. The traditional avenue of bank loans proves elusive for many due to stringent asset requirements. However, a beacon of hope emerges with the advent of Kickstarter Nigeria—a platform that unites visionary entrepreneurs with passionate sponsors ready to support groundbreaking projects.

What is Kickstarter Nigeria?

Kickstarter Nigeria stands as a peer-to-peer crowdfunding platform, bridging the gap between idea generators and fund contributors. The platform operates without any registration or running fees, making it accessible to aspiring entrepreneurs. While the service is free, successful projects incur fees: 5% for Kickstarter and 3-5% for Amazon, the escrow service handling financial transactions.

All-or-Nothing Model: The Kickstarter Nigeria Approach

In embracing an all-or-nothing model, Kickstarter Nigeria ensures that a project must meet or exceed its funding target to receive any financial support. Should a project fall short, backers are refunded, emphasizing the platform’s commitment to viable and fully supported ventures.

How Kickstarter Nigeria Works

1. Crafting Your Project Idea:

The initial step involves developing a compelling and innovative idea. Kickstarter Nigeria welcomes creativity across various domains, including technology, movies, art, music, and more.

2. Compelling Background Story:

A captivating background story enhances your project’s appeal. Craft a narrative that resonates with potential backers, illustrating why your idea matters and how you arrived at this point.

3. Engaging Video Creation:

Visual storytelling takes center stage with an engaging video. Leverage this medium to authentically present yourself and articulate the essence of your project, providing backers with a compelling reason to invest.

4. Website Registration:

Visit the official Kickstarter website at to create and register your project. Follow the outlined processes and submit the necessary documentation.

5. Document Submission:

Essential documents, such as a National ID card, driver’s license, or international passport, are prerequisites for submitting your project.

6. Strategic Sharing:

Effectively share your project on social media, with friends, and family. Even the most brilliant ideas require visibility to succeed.

Kickstarter for Android: Streamlining the Process

For enhanced convenience, consider utilizing the Kickstarter app, available on the Google Play Store. Download the app, register, and seamlessly manage your project on the go.


Kickstarter Nigeria serves as a vital conduit between entrepreneurs and their aspirations. Seize this invaluable opportunity, as the platform remains free until success is achieved. Be authentic, articulate your groundbreaking idea through an engaging video, and ensure it reaches the widest audience possible. Kickstarter Nigeria could be the key to unlocking the funding needed to turn your dreams into reality.

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