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In Nigeria, the escalating cost of accommodation has become a pressing issue, leaving many struggling to find affordable housing. Kwaba, a digital platform founded in 2019, emerges as a beacon of hope, offering a range of financial services to ease the burden on aspiring homeowners and renters. This blog post aims to provide a comprehensive overview of Kwaba, its services, registration process, and how it addresses the housing crisis in Nigeria.

 Understanding Kwaba

Kwaba’s Mission: Kwaba is a home financing digital platform designed for Africans. Specializing in Financial, Real Estate, Loans, and Savings services, Kwaba empowers individuals to gain control over their rent payments, ultimately improving their financial health and capacity.

 Services Offered by Kwaba

1. Savings: Kwaba facilitates easy and convenient saving for mortgage down payments or rent, allowing users to achieve their home savings goals individually or collaboratively with family and friends.

2. Mortgages: The platform simplifies the mortgage process, bringing accessible home financing solutions to users, ensuring real-life circumstances are considered for a favorable outcome.

3. Rent Now, Pay Later: Kwaba offers a unique “Rent Now, Pay Later” feature, allowing users to top up their rent or seek assistance from family and friends. The company covers the payment, whether for renewing existing rent or securing a new home.

4. Emergency Funds: Kwaba provides instant loans for unforeseen expenses, offering a reliable solution during financial crises and eliminating the stress of unexpected financial burdens.

Registering on Kwaba

Steps to Register: To sign up on the Kwaba platform, users need to download the mobile app from the Play Store or App Store and fill in the online registration form with their details.

Required Documents: The registration process requires valid BVN, a recent utility bill, work details, and basic personal information. A government-issued identity card, such as a Voters Card or National ID Card, is also necessary.

Borrowing Loans on Kwaba

Eligibility Criteria: Users become eligible to borrow loans by being active savers on the platform, granting them access to instant loans.

Loan Application Process: The loan application process involves registration, providing accommodation details, specifying the rent amount, and undergoing a verification process. Upon successful verification, the loan is disbursed.

Loan Approval Time: The time it takes to receive a Kwaba loan varies based on the applied amount and the speed of information verification, typically ranging from a few days to a month.

 Interest Rates and Savings with Kwaba

Interest Rates: Kwaba offers competitive interest rates. Active savers receive 7% annual interest, while those with a locked savings plan receive 8% interest per annum.

Downloading the Kwaba App

Downloading the App: Users can download the Kwaba mobile app from the Play Store or App Store, enabling them to access a suite of financial services conveniently.

Contacting Kwaba

Contact Information: For inquiries or assistance, users can reach out to Kwaba via email at, phone at +234 901 811 2914, or visit their website at The physical address is 131a Eti-osa way, Dolphin estate, Ikoyi, Lagos.


Kwaba stands out as a credible and reliable financial service provider in Nigeria, dedicated to addressing the challenges associated with affordable housing. Whether through innovative savings plans, accessible mortgages, or instant loans, Kwaba offers a holistic solution to make housing more attainable for all. By leveraging the Kwaba platform, users gain not only financial flexibility but also a step closer to realizing their dream of comfortable and affordable housing in Nigeria.

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