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Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH) New Student Registration Process 2023/2024

Welcome to Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH)! Congratulations on securing admission to one of Nigeria’s most prestigious polytechnics. As you embark on this exciting journey, we understand that the new student registration process might seem overwhelming. Fear not! This comprehensive guide will walk you through each step, ensuring a smooth and successful registration at LASPOTECH.

Step 1:

Pay the Acceptance Fee Initiate your LASPOTECH journey by paying the non-refundable acceptance fee. This can be done conveniently online or at designated banks. By promptly completing this step, you secure your spot at LASPOTECH and set the stage for a seamless registration process.

Step 2:

Upload Your Documents After accepting your offer, the next step involves uploading essential documents to the LASPOTECH portal. These documents include your JAMB UTME result slip, O’level results (WASSCE, NECO, or NABTEB), birth certificate, local government certificate of origin, medical fitness certificate, and your acceptance letter.

Step 3:

Complete the Online Registration Navigate through the LASPOTECH portal to complete the online registration form. Ensure accuracy in providing information about your personal details, academic qualifications, and chosen course of study. This step lays the foundation for your academic journey at LASPOTECH.

Step 4:

Pay the Tuition Fee Once your documents are uploaded and the online registration form is completed, it’s time to pay the tuition fee. This fee covers your academic expenses and can be paid online or at designated banks. Timely payment is crucial for a hassle-free registration process.

Step 5:

Print Your Admission Letter Upon successful payment of the tuition fee, print your admission letter from the LASPOTECH portal. This letter serves as proof of your admission and is a requirement for class registration. Keep it safe for future reference.

Tips for a Successful LASPOTECH New Student Registration:

  1. Start Early: Commence the registration process as early as possible to allow ample time for document gathering and form completion.
  2. Be Organized: Keep all your documents organized and easily accessible. This will streamline the registration process and prevent any last-minute hiccups.
  3. Read Instructions Carefully: Thoroughly go through the registration instructions to avoid mistakes that could potentially slow down the process.
  4. Contact LASPOTECH Admissions Office: If you encounter any challenges or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the admissions office. Their staff is there to assist you.


Embarking on your academic journey at LASPOTECH is an exciting chapter in your life. By following these steps and tips, you’ll navigate the new student registration process smoothly, setting the stage for a successful and fulfilling experience at one of Nigeria’s premier polytechnics. Best of luck!

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