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List Of Courses Offered At Federal Polytechnic, Daura (2023/2024)

Are you considering pursuing higher education at Federal Polytechnic, Daura (FPD) in Katsina State, Nigeria? Established in 1977, FPD is a public polytechnic dedicated to offering a range of National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) programs in various fields. This article aims to provide you with a comprehensive list of courses offered at FPD and essential factors to consider when selecting your course of study.

List of Courses Offered at FPD:

Federal Polytechnic, Daura, prioritizes practical training, making its graduates highly sought after by employers. Here’s an overview of the courses available at FPD:

  1. Engineering:
    • Civil Engineering
    • Computer Engineering
    • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
  2. Technology:
    • Agricultural Technology
    • Architectural Technology
    • Business Administration and Management Technology
    • Computer Science Technology
    • Cooperative Economics and Management Technology
    • Electrical/Electronics Engineering Technology
    • Fisheries Technology
    • Science Laboratory Technology
    • Statistics
  3. Business:
    • Accountancy
    • Business Administration and Management
  4. Management:
    • Cooperative Economics and Management
    • Public Administration

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Course of Study:

  1. Your Interests: Identify your passions and strengths. What subjects or areas captivate your interest? Choose a course that aligns with your natural inclinations.
  2. Career Goals: Define your post-graduation aspirations. What do you envision doing in your career? Ensure your chosen course propels you towards your desired professional path.
  3. Job Market Prospects: Research the job prospects for graduates in your chosen field. Opt for courses that are in demand, increasing your likelihood of securing a rewarding job upon graduation.
  4. Cost of Tuition: Evaluate the financial aspect of your education. Consider the tuition fees associated with your preferred course and whether it aligns with your budget.
  5. Location of the Polytechnic: Reflect on the location of FPD. Does it offer an environment conducive to your learning style and preferences? Factor in aspects such as climate, culture, and lifestyle.


Choosing the right course of study is a pivotal decision that shapes your academic and professional journey. Federal Polytechnic, Daura, provides a diverse range of courses, ensuring you find a program that resonates with your interests and goals. By considering the factors mentioned above, you can make an informed choice that sets you on the path to success in your academic and future professional endeavors.

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