Multiple Lawsuit Filled Against CNN’s Don Lemon For Sexual Assault

CNN’ Don Lemon appears to be in hot waters as different men are coming forward detailing their horrific encounters with the sex predator.

Don Lemon who has made a career for himself from bashing sex offenders has, all this while, been one with those he criticized. In an interview posted by the New York Post, the accuser detailed his experience with Don Lemon saying,

“He approached me and says, do you like me? Is that why you are f*****g with me?, and I  replied no, I only wanted to say hi. And I look at my boss and I looked back, and the next thing he has his hands in his pants rubbing himself aggressively. And he shoved his two fingers underneath my mustache, thrust my head back…”

The interview which was on SiriusXM’s, “The Megyn Kelly Show” revealed a lot about the incident which the accuser claims happened in Hampton’s bar. Accuser Dustin Hice also revealed that he has filed a lawsuit against Don Lemon.

Lemon’s attorneys have fought back against Hice’s lawsuit in court filings, accusing the ex-bartender of withholding texts, deleting social media posts, and hiding a witness who contradicted his claims.

The accuser went on to say that this has been a pattern for Don Lemon, seeing that he was approached and assaulted by the CNN anchor in public without fear of the consequences.

This isn’t the first time someone is coming forward with accusations like this against Don Lemon. Some years back, a couple of reports made headlines about how Don Lemon has been assaulting young boys in bathrooms and has always gotten away with it because he was being protected by the fact he is African American TV personality.

And he has men in power willing to pull the strings for him. Moreover, CNN has a habit of covering for one of their own. No doubt why the media is totally silent on this. Last year, another accuser of Don Lemon was on Fox News detailing his own encounter with the sexual predator.


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