Nigeria Customs Service Screening Date 2023| See Exam Details

Are you aspiring to join the ranks of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) in the 2023/2024 recruitment? This blog post provides a detailed overview of the upcoming screening and training dates, ensuring you’re well-informed and prepared for each phase of the recruitment process.

Understanding the Distinction:

Before delving into the specifics, it’s crucial to distinguish between the screening and training exercises. The screening aims to narrow down the pool of applicants to the required quota. Following the application deadline, a list of shortlisted candidates will be released for a Computer-Based Test (CBT) examination at designated locations.

Upon successful completion of the screening, qualifying candidates will proceed to the training phase, the final step before officially joining the Nigeria Customs Service. The comprehensive list of shortlisted individuals for both screening and training exercises will be accessible on the NCS Recruitment application portal at

NCS Screening Exercise Details:

The screening process involves a meticulous schedule that will be published online, available on the official NCS website and social media accounts. This schedule will outline the specific zones, times, and dates for the screening exercise. Each zone will be allocated a set number of applicants, along with designated centers and times.

Candidates participating in the screening must adhere to specified requirements, including the prohibition of certain items around the CBT center. This information is vital for applicants to ensure a smooth and successful screening process.

NCS Training Exercise Details:

Following the screening exercise, a schedule for the training phase will be released before its commencement. The training, spanning six months, will take place at the Nigeria Customs Service training school in Kano and Lagos. This phase is designed to prepare selected individuals for the responsibilities that lie ahead.

The schedule published by the Nigeria Customs Service will outline the specific requirements for the training phase. It is essential for candidates to review and adhere to these guidelines to ensure a seamless transition from the screening to the training phase.


aspiring candidates for the Nigeria Customs Service 2023/2024 recruitment must stay informed about the screening and training dates. Regularly check the official NCS website and social media accounts for updates, and adhere to the outlined schedules and requirements to enhance your chances of success.

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