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In a world where financial worries often plague us, there exists a unique challenge for some fortunate individuals – how to wisely spend their wealth. If you find yourself among this select group or are simply seeking financial assistance, keep reading. PettyCash, an innovative online lending platform, caters to both those with surplus cash and those in need of occasional support.

What is a Petty Cash Loan?

PettyCash introduces a revolutionary online lending platform designed for monthly salary earners, offering pay advances of up to N50,000. Employment is the key qualification, ensuring that even those requiring small short-term loans can access financial assistance. Let’s delve into how PettyCash works and the diverse loan products it offers.

PettyCash Loan Products:

  1. Federal Staff Loan (Fed Petty Cash Loan):
    • Tailored for Federal Government employees.
    • Loan amounts range from N5,000 to N50,000.
  2. PettyCash+:
    • An emergency loan of up to N10,000.
    • Exclusively available to monthly salary earners.
  3. Payday Loan (Most Popular):
    • Instant loans ranging from N10,000 to N50,000.
    • Ideal for those in need of quick financial support.
  4. NSCDC Loan:
    • Accessible to Nigerian Security Civil Defence Corps officers.
    • Loan amounts from N50,000 to N500,000.
  5. Business Loan:
    • Loans from N500,000 to N5,000,000.
    • Requires a car as collateral.
  6. Personal Loan:
    • Secure a loan of up to N500,000 using your car as collateral.
    • Retain ownership and use of your vehicle.

Interest Rates and Repayment Plans:

PettyCash ensures flexibility in loan repayment plans, with interest rates varying based on the chosen timeframe. Shorter repayment periods incur less interest, while longer durations result in slightly higher interest rates – standard principles akin to any loan structure.

For the Savvy Investor:

Beyond catering to borrowers, PettyCash also provides investment opportunities with an average return of 24%. By investing in different loan buckets, you can enjoy monthly returns on your earnings. Even in the unlikely event of a borrower default, PettyCash safeguards your investment, ensuring you receive your money back with interest.

Investment Buckets:

  1. Personal Loan
  2. PettyCash+
  3. Federal Staff Loan
  4. NYSC Loan

The PettyCash Experience:

Navigating the financial landscape has never been easier, thanks to PettyCash’s user-friendly website at Whether you’re exploring loan options or considering investment opportunities, PettyCash simplifies the process, allowing you to make informed financial decisions with ease.


PettyCash stands as a beacon of financial empowerment, providing seamless solutions for both borrowers and investors. To embark on your journey to financial freedom or discuss additional investment options, visit PettyCash’s website or reach out to their dedicated agents. Unlock the door to a brighter financial future with PettyCash – where financial ease meets innovation.

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