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TECH-U Aggregate Score for All Courses

Embarking on your academic journey at the Technical University, Tech-U, involves understanding the intricacies of the grading system and the significance of the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). In this comprehensive guide, we will demystify the CGPA calculation, explore the importance of Tech-U’s grading system, admission requirements, and share strategies for maintaining a strong CGPA.

Tech-U Grading System:

Tech-U employs a letter grading system with corresponding grade points and percentage ranges:

  • A: 5 (70%-100%)
  • B: 4 (60%-69%)
  • C: 3 (50%-59%)
  • D: 2 (45%-49%)
  • E: 1 (40%-44%)
  • F: 0 (0%-39%)

Significance of Tech-U CGPA:

  1. Academic Standing:
    • CGPA serves as a compass for students and institutions in determining academic standing.
    • It reflects overall academic performance and trajectory.
    • Students must maintain a minimum CGPA to remain in good standing, with consequences for falling below the threshold.
  2. Scholarships and Awards Eligibility:
    • CGPA is a key determinant for eligibility for scholarships, grants, and on-campus job opportunities.
    • Outstanding CGPAs open doors to merit-based scholarships, financial aid, and prestigious external awards.
  3. Graduation with Honors:
    • Tech-U celebrates academic excellence through graduation with honors.
    • Minimum CGPA requirements for different classes determine the level of academic distinction.

Tech-U Admission Requirements:

Admission requirements vary based on the mode of entry (UTME, Direct Entry, or Inter-University Transfer). General requirements include a minimum of five credit passes at the Ordinary Level, meeting UTME cut-off marks, and obtaining a valid score. Specific program requirements must also be fulfilled.

Application Process:

Tech-U follows a structured admission process involving program identification, confirmation of admission criteria, procurement of application forms, form completion, submission, participation in screening, and tracking application status.

Benefits of Tech-U Admission:

Gaining entry into Tech-U provides advantages such as well-developed infrastructure, acclaimed faculty, industry partnerships, entrepreneurship incubation, and global exchange programs.

Strategies for Maintaining a Strong CGPA:

Achieving a strong CGPA requires attendance, active participation, note-taking, time management, smart learning techniques, and leveraging academic resources.


The CGPA journey at Tech-U is a testament to a student’s dedication and academic prowess. Understanding the grading system, navigating the admission process, and implementing proven strategies are crucial for success. As you embark on your academic adventure at Tech-U, remember that the road ahead is paved by your determination and passion for learning.

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