Breaking: Florida Governor, DeSantis threatens To Send Illegal Immigrants To Joe Biden’s Home

The Florida governor bashed the Biden administration saying if the Administration cannot effectively control the US_Mexico border, he doesn’t mind providing buses and sending them to Delaware.

We can all agree that it is high time Joe Biden came to terms with the current reality of things and stepped away from pre-election promises and started taking basic logical steps such as protecting your borders.

I don’t know how effective this DeSantis strategy is but it is certainly a testimony to Biden’s general incompetence and it sounds like something this administration can come up with on its own.

If they’re going to come here, we’ll provide buses and send them to Delaware,” “If he’s not going to secure the border, then he should have everyone there!”
DeSantis said this as a retort to allegations that the federal government is flying migrants to Jacksonville.

He was also vocal about his view on Biden Administration when the UN Commission chief said she and Biden view the snowballing migrant crises in Europe as an attack by Belarus.

Democrats!! they’re not good at much but they can certainly point an accusing finger and do everything possible to avert blame and avoid taking responsibility for their action(if they manage to take any).

Trump Administration was painted black for wanting to build a wall to protect the US from their present and future illegal immigrant problem but the world saw it as unnecessary and even unethical now, Biden’s silent treatment of the situation doesn’t seem to be working as much: stark contrast.

local news reports by 4Jax surfaced last month that migrants were being flown into Jacksonville, Florida, and other US destinations at midnight.

Desantis expressed his concerns about the clandestine nature of these flights;

“So, here’s what happens with these flights – there’s no notification to the state of Florida. They’re done mostly in the middle of the night, and it’s clandestine, and we have no say into it,”


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