House Republicans File Petition To Fire Doctor Fauci

Majorie Taylor Greene files a petition to Congress to fire Dr. Fauci, the petition statement read;

Dr. Anthony Fauci has continually failed to provide Americans with accurate information about the COVID–19 pandemic and has shown distrust in the American private sector and American ingenuity.

In March 2020, Dr. Fauci told Americans not to wear masks, noting: “There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask.

When you are in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better and it might even block a droplet, but it is not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is.

And often, there are unintended consequences—people keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face.”

Now, more than a year later, he is telling Americans to continue quarantining as much as possible and to wear a mask, maybe even into the year 2022.
to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the vaccines have been “highly effective” at preventing infection. Research from Johns Hopkins Medicine has shown that the vaccine is 95 percent effective, and also works to prevent serious illness in the 1 in 20 people who may contract COVID–19 after being vaccinated.

Over 100,000,000 vaccines have now been administered, and some studies show that those who have already contracted COVID–19 may only need 1 dose of the vaccine to prevent reinfection rather than the 2 prescribed.

Despite these outcomes and his previous comments, Dr. Fauci has reversed course and is now sounding the alarm on COVID–19 variants, commenting:

“The way we can counter [the UK variant], which is a growing threat in our country, is to do two things: to get as many people vaccinated as quickly and as expeditiously as possible with the vaccine that we know works against this variant and, finally, to implement the public health measures that we talk about all the time . . . masking, physical distancing and avoiding congregant settings, particularly indoors.”.

The petition also demanded his salary to be slashed, stating that he earns way more than every federal worker, including the president.

The Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Dr. Anthony Fauci, M.D., earned $434,312 in 2020

Dr. Fauci is not only the highest-paid doctor in the Federal Government but the highest-paid of any of the 4,000,000 Federal employees, including the President.

Part IV of the Executive Schedule generally caps government salaries at $172,500, but Dr. Fauci’s salary is much higher due to an exception put in place to make Federal salaries for doctors and scientists more competitive with the private sector.

See full details of the petition here

Meanwhile, Peter Navarro, President Trump’s former trade adviser, called Fauci “evil” Wednesday for the role he played in gain-of-function research prior to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Navarro recounted how he and Fauci got into a “screaming match” within the first three minutes of meeting each other in the situation room over the former’s unwillingness to impose a travel ban.

“I came out of there thinking, ‘Wow, that guy thinks he’s smarter than he is,’ and two, more importantly, ‘That guy’s going to hurt us and the president,’” Navarro said.

Navarro said he advised Trump on at least two occasions to fire Fauci but doesn’t blame the president for not taking his advice.

“But it was a mistake for the republic because that man is evil. Make no mistake about this. He is evil because he was at the American bureaucracy that used taxpayer dollars” to pursue gain-of-function experiments, Navarro said.

He was referring to research that seeks to find new ways to fight disease by rendering pathogens more infectious and lethal.

54 thoughts on “House Republicans File Petition To Fire Doctor Fauci

      1. That is not enough they still have their big houses, flash cars and big finances investments ect. Bring to nothing as they have done to millions around the world.

    1. We need science but I see him as a murderer of millions of people. He needs fired and put on trial if proven guilty then inject him with the virus he helped create so that he will suffer and die a awful death on death row. And FOR GOD SAKES STOP GIVING CHINA ANY MORE Money OR HELP.

      1. I think the biggest challenge in the future is to stop giving China anything but i am also shure we have to and take production home to our own Countrys because China is as evil as Fauci “they are driven by the communist party and dont care about anything more than power.
        And if people look how they building their army they are goin to tell the World “We are in power” very soon i think.
        Make Ameica great is not that bad if eweryone is on the train…?

    2. Iam Like. Millions Americans that. Share the same thought . Me I prefer skip the. Courts hang him publicly ….make him an example

    3. Tony needs to be arrested charged with crimes against humanity and hung with his Co hoards. Lik we a treasonous mudding bastard should. I have been a life long old school liberal I am disgusted by these pieces of shit

    4. Yes, Fauci a generation of Hitler family in this decade. He should be punished and fired immediately. A punishment should have been taken like Dr fauci himself along with his lab created virus Covid 19 for 24 hours detention.

    5. It is high time this Fauchi and his ilks are called to account…enough of the unending cock & bull story about Bats, Penguin, or Pengollin causing the covid-29 ; the variants, vaccine mandate distancings, and Masks…kai it is tiring…

    6. Dont waste time and paper. He built a bioweapon for the Chinese. And is involved in the misinformation sounding it.
      That is treason, send him to GITMO try him. And public in exicution.

  1. Americans we are better than Fauci. He will continue to do these terrible acts we need to stop him NOW. Please stop him. Stop him from using our money this way. He needs to pay and I mean PAY big time.

    1. The world wait for justice. There is an international agreement about bioweapons. This “Add of function” is a trick to roule existing lows…They take an existing virus, let ‘s say a bat virus: they add something to allow and cause the direct human transmission. At that point, when they dimonstrated the direct transmission happened, they can start a research a study on the new virus. Obviously they immediatly for a Patent, they name the new virus as a new discovery! Because of an existing danger of human transmission, they are allowed to study it!. But you created it! This is the way they spend taxpaers money… Only military or a sick plan to make money could have an interest in such a virus…The worls is infected for such crime! I’m not a scientist but researchers says: all Sars are not natural! Time to them!!!

  2. The report Ron Paul read left little doubt that Dr. Fauci is the father of the corona virus/ covid19 .
    He and many others are responsible for 4million deaths world wide. I don’t understand why he and
    others are still in their positions. Looks like if you are part of the Democrat party you get a pass on anything.

  3. The Unthinkable Bioweapon of mass Destruction and today together with the Vax still harming kids

  4. As a concerned citizen, Why Fauci hasn’t been fired for his lies and his misrepresentation is seriously unworthy to be trusted. Millions have died, this pandemic has been treated foolishly by this man. I’m sure there is others who can do a better job without the attitude that Fauci expresses.

  5. Dr fauci is a lab tech and nothing more then a crimminal
    Do no harm is not in his dictionary and Americans are agreed ..were in danger and so is America their idea climet change is just that us ..

  6. Fauci is a sociopath and a mass murder just like Joseph Mangelè was ìn the 30’sand much like him Quack dr.fauci has used millions of people the world over as guinea pigs to test out his “gain of function reaserch”and later to test all the many vaccines sapposedly trying to arrest the spread of the CCP covid 19 virus further inflicting injury and death to many millions more . Quack dr.fauci conspired with the CCP and other Chinese officials to cover up where this fauci virus even came from therfore further complicating any investigation into this conspiracy. Quack dr.. fauci should be tried and convicted and executed for these abominable crimes

  7. Dr.Fauci,this scawny/ Disgracefull Snake should be taken in front of the Nuremburg trail 2.0 and he should be found guilty and either be put in jail or Executed

  8. There is a lot of evidence to investigate Fauci! A govt agency who patenting viruses is shocking: how is this possible?! He commission the nastiest “studies” out of country, where there aren’t ethical or moral roules, lows…Wuhan, Tunisia: OGM vax, OGM mosquitos for Florida! Let’s stop this deranged criminals. We need lows to stop their power! Dr David Martin made a great investigation and it is available! That deranged murderer feels entitled to play God, with people’s life, and he is still free! The hole world is infected!
    I hope you’ll arrest him!
    From Switzerland Nicoletta Maspoli, free to use my name

    1. That’s the thing though,back in 2013 or 15 a judge told them they couldn’t patent ppl cause they were organic. So now with this vaccine how it fills the gaps of ur dbl helix,ur not completely organic now and ur patented by bill gates. But if he owns u when u die who do you think all land and assets go too. Ur family gets nothing after the vaccine kills you. Falsey knowing masks don’t more damage because of dissertation he did on Spanish Flu. Also has everyone seen kingsman the movie? Where the cell phone chips make everyone goes insane. Well everyone hear the small jingle played before concert and then all those people went crazy and beat up everyone. There’s movies telling us things again

  9. Fire his ass you don’t know what he’s going to say from day to day it all depends on what side of the bed he wakes up on.

    Long live the republic and long live Donald J Trump.

  10. The entire world is watching the total impunity of a criminal act against humanity. The most shocking conflict of interest: a govt ageny, through its director, patenting viruses, commissioning out of country criminal “studies”. The perfect timing of the events, the statements of very known informed persons and sponsor, the simulation in 2019! It was announced in great details, like the most affected country, north Italy, Seattle, Wuhan… Peter Daszac statement in12 febb 2016: “The mandatory injections” about raising founds to make investors content, they “needed a virus like a Pandemic or influenza, exploiting the media, ecc…”…isn’t it eloquent?

  11. Hi, do you know what it means “gain of function”? It means, let’s take a bath virus: you works to add function finding a way to get it infectiv for humans! When you find the way to infect humans, you and you demonstrate it happened, you can start a research… this is a trick to obtain permission to start a research on something that vwasn’t existing before you creat. This kind of dangerous expriment have only a military interest and are extremly dangerous! An incident, a mistake can always happen. A great scientist in Mrna studies, Dr Bhargawa, explained it well, in the video “A cautionary Message from from Vaccines advocates” Aubry Marcus channel. This gives you an idea on how itr works and why they register Patent on viruses. People have the right to know what was done and why the world is infected with this virus!
    Nicoletta Maspoli fom Switzerland

  12. Crimes against humanity Fauci et AL including Gates. On ramdesevir alone the deaths are enormous from hiv ebola and covid all treated the same. Genocide!
    Then look at labs animal cruelty and human lives with covid. He won all the way no matter what. Evil

  13. Firing Fauci is not enough . The best thing for the planet is to exterminate Fauci and all the predators involved in this work . Depopulation is Gods work , not man’s

  14. Oddly enough ,I’m just a concrete finisher,60 yr old ( peacetime ) Veteran.Still I see only The “same” hand full of patriots calling out these fuckin commie democrats!! While the likes of McConnell,and that looney CUNT Liz Chenney remain in the Republican party, THANK GOD I LIVE IN IOWA and God blessed this State with Governor Kim Reynolds, as for u fence sitting so called patrots we’re watching you …..

  15. All I can say is may God forgive. There is no one on this planet who will give Fauci what eventually his maker will.

  16. I think he should be allowed to continue leading the parade but in this case it’ll be in tar and feathers and being run out of town!

  17. I started a business I had been dreaming of in 2019 January 2020 opened a brick and mortar closed January 2021 FUCK you Anthony Faucci😡

  18. Put him in prison and inject him with daily boosters. He is evil not ok in the head maybe he had a non loving childhood.


  20. I don’t understand how he can live with himself. Oh, wait I know he looks in the mirror and think he sees God. I have news for him, it’s not God he will eventually meet.

  21. Get rid of fauci ASAP! His hands are all over these infections. When confronted with the truth, says we don’t know what we’re talking about. He has ruined enough lives worldwide, time for him to pay, and pay big! He is a criminal, traitor and Gitmo is too good for him. Fire him and charge him. I, for one, am tired of his holier than thou attitude, his squeaky voice spewing lies, and cohorts with the CCP. Hang him high!

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