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In the fast-paced world of finance, convenience is key. Imagine accessing all your banking services hassle-free, whenever and wherever you desire. Welcome to Kredi Bank, Nigeria’s pioneering digital bank and financial service institution. Established in 2010 and powered by Kredimoney Microfinance Bank, Kredi is dedicated to ushering Nigerians into the seamless digital future of banking.

Discover Kredi: A Digital Banking Revolution

What Sets Kredi Apart?

Kredi Bank stands out for its commitment to innovation, customer-centric approach, and a secure, stress-free banking experience. Let’s delve into the core offerings that make Kredi a game-changer in the financial landscape.

Kredi Products: Catering to Your Financial Needs

1. Kredi Savings

a. Kredi Daily Savings: Daily contributions grow your savings effortlessly, accumulating interest over time.

b. Kredi Vault: Lock your money for a specific period, automated for ease, and enjoy maximum returns.

c. Kredi Pot: Set financial goals, earn interest as you save towards priorities.

d. Kredi Edupot: Secure your children’s education by saving, with interest for a brighter future.

2. Kredi Loans

a. Kredi SME Loan: No collateral required; fund your business for growth, rescue, or expansion.

b. Kredi Nano-Loan: Access small, short-term loans up to NGN 100,000 for financial rescue.

c. Kredi Salary-Backed Loan: Tailored for salary earners, access up to N5 million with an 18-month repayment period.

d. Kredi Collateral-Backed Loan: Instant bank loans with or without collateral for customer flexibility.

3. Kredi Digital Banking Services

Seamlessly pay bills, top up airtime, fund your account, and transfer money through Kredi’s automated digital services.

Accessing Kredi: Download and Navigate with Ease

How to Download the Kredi App:

  1. Visit Google Playstore for Android or the App Store for iOS.
  2. Search for ‘Kredi’ and download the app.

The Kredi app provides a gateway to all products and services, ensuring convenient banking at your fingertips.

Securing a Loan or Saving with Kredi: A Quick Guide

To Get a Loan:

  1. Download the Kredi app.
  2. Register and apply for a loan through the app.

To Save Money:

  1. Download and register on the Kredi app.
  2. Fund your Kredi wallet by transferring cash.
  3. Watch your money grow with accumulating interest.

Understanding Kredi’s Operations: Digital Convenience with a Physical Touch

Kredi operates primarily as a digital bank accessible via your phone or desktop. While rooted in digital convenience, there’s a physical branch in Lekki, Lagos.

Contacting Kredi: Your Queries Addressed

Reach out to Kredi through:

  • Address: Plot 8, Babatunde Anjous Road, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos
  • Phone Numbers: +234 1888 5557, +234 1888 5558
  • Email:
  • Website:


Kredi offers a stress-free digital banking platform, backed by a reputation for trustworthiness. The absence of collateral requirements for loans makes it customer-friendly. Embrace the future of banking with Kredi – a name synonymous with financial convenience. Ready to embark on a worry-free financial journey? Give Kredi a try today. Also, explore essential considerations before committing to a loan.

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