Patriotic Americans who attended President Donald Trump’s press conference where he Destroyed the entire Democrats party and discussed in detail why he is suing big techs in America, chanted “Lock her up.”

The chant was for Hillary Clinton who should be Rotting in jail already, because of her numerous crimes against Americans and humanity as a whole.

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President Trump was met with the chants after he called Hillary Clinton a chronic “criminal.” This chants was common during president Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

“You know, it’s true … She got a subpoena from the United States Congress, right, and she and her lawyer deleted 33,000 emails after she got a United States subpoena,” said former president Donald Trump.

President Trump also attacked former DNC leader Donna Brazile for feeding debate questions to Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential debate.

President Trump then attacked Dr Fauci who is clearly responsible for the covid out break. Trump said, “i never listen to him, he said don’t close the border against China and i closed it,” if he says something i do the opposite.”

President Trump immediately supported the protesters when he heard the chant, Trump reiterated his belief that Clinton deserves criminal prosecution for her 2016 email scandal, the Benghazi saga and for many innocent lives and properties that was lost due to her actions and inactions.

President Trump also addressed many disturbing issues, including claims that were published in the Atlantic earlier this month that he called fallen World War I service members “suckers” and “losers.”

Trump defended himself by saying, There’s nobody who loves our military, respects them, more than him. There were 25 witnesses on the record that said it never happened, Trump continued.

presidential Joe Biden has since attacked president Trump by releasing an ad that slammed President Trump for his comments.

President Trump fired back by calling the current president a “pathetic human being.” and also said he is Incompetent and will lead this great country astray.

I personally think Joe Biden deserves worse attacks from President Trump, he was part of a failed government which Hillary Clinton was the brain and ring leader.

The Earlier Hillary Clinton is locked up, the better for the entire country, we have suffered enough, It’s only fair that she is locked up for good.

It’s high time Hillary Clinton is punished for her crimes, let’s get rid of her now. SEE PETITION IN OTHER POSTS IN THIS SITE…


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    1. I’m looking forward to seeing her locked up, I have been looking forward to her being locked up since she was busted for all the felonies she has committed against America and it’s Patriot citizens.

      1. Don’t forget the number of mysterious questionable deaths that the Clinton name is associated with and that number is somewhere around 30

    2. Faudrait savoir s’ils l’ont pendue , ou pas …j’ai encore écouté une vid. qui dit qu’elle a été éxécutée par pendaison , certains disent le 26/04 , d’autres plus récemment vers le 10 mai … à moins qu’ils éxécuté un clone …

      1. After seeing the frazzledrip video,I’m praying she was already HUNG! I did see an article that said Epstein gave testimony and the videos on hunters laptop are horrific that’s she’s in!

  1. I think Hillary Clinton Nancy Pelosi Chuck nyler Adam shift Maxine Walters should be in jail for treason and all the corruption they have caused someone please do it or we will not have a country they are destroying America

    1. I can concur with your list, although I would add McConnell and McCarthy as well as a few others to it.
      I contend that anyone found guilty of treason shall be hanged until dead as the only punishment acceptable. I would not want the possibility of any of these people to be able to come into power ever again

    2. It has been too long that Hillary has not been punished. I heard she had been hanged at GITMO, don’t know if that is true or not, sure wish it were true. She has gotten away with so much lying, cheating and not giving a damn about anyone but herself. She and Pelosi are like twins, lie, steal and cheat every chance they get. It is time that they must be punished for everything wrong that they have done, along with most of the DEMORATS in Congress.

    3. I couldn’t agree more & more now a yr later but add joe & hunter biden, Harris, AOC hell the top 15 democrats are all super dirty, corrupt, liars & hypocrites beyond belief

    4. I totally agree I left not forget but they are criminals because they God and cheating to get in the White House they will not our first choice President Trump won it completely and I have done nothing but destroy America with their liberal ideas including covid-19 they have used it to control the American they need to be locked up or hung the four main ones are Biden, Peloski, Chuck Schumer and the vice president

  2. Hillary is a sneaky lying female who thinks she knows best. The end justifies the means is her motto. No moral compass for mrs Clinton.

    She deserves our utmost contempt for all the crimes she has committed.

        1. An eye for an eye would be the perfect punishment for all of these demons but I heard they already flooded or imploded their evil tunnels!

          1. Hillary Clinton will never face justice, because the Clintons have too much dirt on too many people in our justice system. They’ve corruptEd that system for many years, and the players are still vulnerable.

  3. We have heard of her crimes, we know she is EVIL beyond imagination yet, she still walks freely.. She is the only person I have ever heard of that has had 56 CLOSE FRIENDS of hers COMMIT SUICIDE… NO OTHER PERSON IN THE WORLD has had that many close friends die of SUICIDE… Ironic or EVIL…You decide …

  4. Hillary will be found out eventually she does need to go to jail for life pelosi needs to be removed from officE schiff needs to be removed from ofc and go to jail !

  5. She and all her cohorts need to suffer, perhaps in the same way she has imposed upon those found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop!! Unspeakable crimes against humanity! Justice needs to be served for all the children lost!

  6. Hillary Rotten Clinton is a Crook. She kepts
    filing Appeals over and over because she
    knows she is Guilty and will be Prosecuted
    to the Extent of the Law. You will pay the piper.
    Karma is a Bitch just like you crooked Hillary
    And Revenge is going to be “SWEET”.
    You will see the thrath come your way.
    PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. This is what you get when don’t hold these crooks & thieves accountable. The best thing you can do is put a few of the name brands in prison and the rest will follow, they will start squealing like a bunch of pigs.

  8. Hillary Clinton is graft incarnate.
    However, being a women is not a fault.
    Evil intentions are not indicated by gender, but by the contentions of her character.

  9. Bill- n-Killary Hillary’s Stepdaughter Chelsea-!!!
    Worid Wide Human Trafficking 💰
    White Water Kill Bill Ron Brown-!!!

    Trump is The Last Presidency of Corporation
    U S Keep up The Good Work Mrr

  10. H. C is guilty of one of the worst crimes and should be publicly charged and punished by hanging so that all of America can see that she got what she deserved.

    1. Whats taking so long? Who is going to arrest her? FBI, DOJ, all controlled by Democrats.

  11. Isn’t this the same media outlet that put out an article saying she was executed at gitmo?
    Who the hell knows what true anymore. Accept the fact HRC is a evil bitch.

  12. Hung or not she will dance and flail in excruciating torment forever in the fires of hell.

  13. Killery is the devil. She will not pay until she’s dead. God will have revenge on her, because that’s his right. The devil isn’t going to like playing second most evil. He will do monstrous things to her.

  14. Gotta love these complete evil BS conspiracy sites…. just senseless useless trash from people full of hatred…. enjoy your hell on earth yall lol

  15. But Trump did nothing. Just empty talk. He hired useless AG:s like Sessions and Barr so nothing would happen. He was only appeasing his own base.

  16. We need to lock up the real criminals – Donald Trump and his children. Rudy Giuliani, and Ted Cruz. Off with their heads.

  17. She needs to be hung by the neck, she is a treasonous evil, calculating, tractor, bloody astonishing is it not for a Brit like me to understand how the hell she is free to live her life, her husband is equally guilty and must face the full force of the law, the are tractors, ..treasonous evil horrible killers, very rich ..they must have been paid a lot of money by the USA, hillbillies to law of their own monsters. USA you need to get this s**t sorted out, the law is not working .. in my country you get locked up forever doing this s**t … Bring back Donald T America need s a strong 💪 President had one stolen. Time to get even USA 😊🙏🙏

  18. We been sign to many Petition against Hillary and others from the no good parties like Schumer, Pencil head, Nancy Pelosi, and the Terrorist Omar, Talib unfortunately no one done anything for more then 4 and half years. I’m sick and tired of all this conspiracy in our government.

  19. I thought you said she was hanged? Can you make up your mind?

    This is just another grift done to make us feel like Trump has everything under control so we dont act on anything and try to win our country back before we are turned to communism. Stop believing this crap!!

    Our military will not help us. The leaders are all woke and have been removing anyone they feel is a Trump supporter. Everyone needs to Wake up and realize it is up to us to save our country. How? Get involved with your local government, go to their meetings, run for office if you can, do research about who is running in 2022 and make sure they are america first candidates. The corruption is everywhere and it must be removed. Stop wearing masks cause they dont work and are one way they take our freedoms away. The vaccine is not a vaccine. It is an experimental gene therapy and we are the experiment. Delta is not real and most people who are dying are vaccinated people.

    It is up to us to win our country back. They have been working on this for decades. One world communism is their goal/ Every free country is being attacked the same way. China used class to divide and conquer, they are using race to do it now. They will do something else to divide us next, something that effects the world. Some kind of false flag.

    Do not sit around waiting for someone else to change our situation, they wont. Everyone who writes this kind of crap is part of the misinformation to keep you feeling like good things are going on in the background and it works.

  20. IF us deplorables did a smigin of what hillary rotten clinton has done we would already be under the jail

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