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In the bustling financial hub of Nigeria, Lagos stands out as a beacon of economic development. Small business owners in Lagos understand the pivotal role that access to quick loans plays in the success of their ventures. In this article, we will explore the best places to obtain loans in Lagos, focusing on institutions that cater specifically to the diverse financial needs of entrepreneurs.

Where to Obtain Loans in Lagos:

Lagos offers a plethora of options for obtaining loans, catering to the unique financial landscape of the city. While traditional banks are widespread, several financial institutions in Lagos specialize in providing quick and tailored loan solutions for small business owners. Here are some of the top places to explore:

  1. Rosabon Financial Services:
    • Services: Partnerships, personal loans, vehicle leases, and investments.
    • Strengths: Quick disbursement, access to millions in loans.
  2. Skystone Capital:
    • Services: SME funding, personal finance, funds management, leases, debtor factoring, and financial advisory.
    • Strengths: Cutting-edge financial solutions, excellent customer service, fast loan disbursement.
  3. LMoney:
    • Features: Excellent loan calculator for simulating and kick-starting your loan journey.
    • Strengths: Access to N2 million loan within 24 hours, user-friendly application process.
  4. Migo:
    • Services: Banking, merchant, fintechs, and telcos financial services.
    • Strengths: Flexible competitive rates, credit payments, and overdraft facilities for digital transactions.
  5. Zedvance Limited:
    • Platform: Loans accessible through website, MoneyPal app, or WhatsApp chat.
    • Strengths: Up to N5 million in accessible loans, quick disbursement, no hidden charges.
  6. Easyloans Nigeria:
    • Features: No hidden charges, expert loan advisory services, no collateral required.
    • Strengths: Transparent processes, team support for informed decision-making.
  7. Kwickpay Credit:
    • Location: Island in Lagos.
    • Strengths: Loans up to N2 million, less than 24 hours disbursement, no collateral required.
  8. Creditville:
    • Services: Quick loans for urgent needs, auto lease, corporate lease, and cab leasing.
    • Strengths: Access up to N4 million, catering to various financial needs.


Navigating the vibrant financial landscape of Lagos, Nigeria, demands a keen understanding of where to access quick and reliable loans. While we’ve covered a few key players in this article, there are many more options available in the city. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to expand or an individual with urgent financial needs, knowing where to get loans in Lagos is indispensable. Stay informed, explore your options, and unlock the financial opportunities that Lagos has to offer for your business growth and personal development.

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