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  1. Adam Schiff needs to be held accountable for his constant devious acts and false accusations that have destroyed many peoples lives. He needs to show the proof that he claims has been so prevalent over the last 3 years, that Russia was involved in any way. If he has the proof, it needs to be revealed. He has been slanderous in the past with his false statements, and deserves NO political protection. The truth must be revealed, and if he is guilty of his inaccurate propaganda for political gain, then these accusations MUST BE corrected and he be held accountable. If they are accurate, then show the proof??? Enough of this verbal warfare, that NO ONE is held accountable for, on either party. Enough is ENOUGH!!!

      1. He feels that he can lie about whatever he wants to lie about and whenever he wants to lie about it due to his happiness of his station in life. The world knows who he worships. Hense, his station in life.

        1. He treated President Trump like he was trash during his trash court. He deserves to be thrown away like the trash that he proved himself to be. He is a lying big heaping pile of trash.

        1. Muller is as guilty as schif it was to investigate Russia hoax didn’t charge Hillary wh9 started it all because is a democrat

    1. I’d have to immensely agree. He’s had ample opportunities. To hang Trump. If he stays so strongly in his convictions that Russia was the reason Trump is guilty of campaign collusion? Factually compensate your claim to Congress?


    2. What’s so important about getting rid of the best president we’ve ever had unless its because you’be something hide.

    3. It is with out question, that Pelosi and Schiff have put our country tru pure hell . They should be arrested , put in cuffs and marched out the front door of the house ,charge TREASON ! followed by the squad!! they are evil!!

    4. I can’t tell you how much I want to see that ” COCKROACH” put in jail !1 he is a Psychopathic liar !

    5. He should stand trial for treason. Also stand in a tribunal for crimes against humanity for what him, Pelosi and Schumer did to the whole American population in the name of covid 19.

    6. Let us all hope that ‘Pencil Neck’ has lots of company in jail. John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Pelosi……just to name a few!

    7. Adam Shiff is just doing what is genetically imprinted into his DNA….you must know that his grandfather was Jacob Shiff, the jew that funded the Japanese war against Russia back in the early 1900’s as well as the Bolshevik revolution that killed a documented 80-120 million Russians along with the Czar and his family and to add insult to injury….his money killed 30 million Germans living in Poland which gave rise to Adolf Hitler….someone had to end those mass murderous Zionist Jews. Hey it’s the truth, deal with it aye!!!! Adam Shiff family line needs to end ffs, what a waste of taxpayer money “to say the VERY LEAST!!!”.

    8. He’s not just slanderous, he supenoud the phone recorders of Trump Lawyers, his fellow Congressmen and opposing News Reporters and published they’re numbers!, Adam Schiff has abused his position and power to violate others civil rights!, As a member of Congress he should be held to a higher standard !, and his plethora of violations for which he needs to be held accountable!

    9. I agree, what they committed was nothing short of treason. They were trying to overthrow a government.

  2. When the gavel of justice falls on the individuals involved in the mueller investigation with swiped phones of the lawyers who made millions on this scam off the american taxpayer should payback all monies suspend their law practices, I have witness corruption on the local level involving mayors, city councilmen, and county government officials go down due to creed, wanting more power, and just plain old bragging rights, if you can see a documentery called King of Steel, involving local government campaign practice of a democrat run city in Indiana, and you can see the corruption of the case of the sidewalk scandel that involved millions of dollars of casino money that was used to buy votes from citizens and the local politivians were caught with absentee ballots, fraud mail in ballots, that anither special election was held because the election was fixed with all types of voting irregulataries, can this be done at the washington level of politics? We will have to wait and see if the AG and Durham investigation comes to fruit, but it is all politics with political bedfellows protecting each other to protect their party and it is money and power that drives this idealsm of politics in washington

  3. Shifty should have been arrested for Falsifying President Trump’s words from his phone call. Besides that, he has proven to the public that he is a corrupt, leaker, liar & guilty of Treason. Shifty should be in prison!

    1. Your damned right if you or I would have done what he did with the telephone manuscript between Trump and the President if Ukraine we would be put in prison for lying under oath contempt of court . Its about time the scales of justice she’ll out the same punishment to those in power as we receive. I’m sick and tired of seeing elected officials break the law and violate our constitution with no consequence. This two tier justice system we have is bullshit taxpayers get time if we break the law and they get a cover up from CNN.

  4. Schiff does need to be in jail after he pays all the people for lying to them. If I were him I’d be afraid to close my eyes at night. I’d be afraid of waking up to the sight of the devils helpers at my bedside from all the lies he has told.

  5. Shiff needs to face a firing squad for high treason, it is the ONLY WAY TO INSURE, this bullshit is stopped by anyone in the future, and Shiff is not the only one who needs to be executed in a military tribunal, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Rice, Pelosi, Shumer, the Clinton’s, and OBAMA FOR SURE, KILL EM ALL, TAKE OUT GEORGE SOROS WHILE YOUR AT IT. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!! TRUMP 2020

  6. Since the supreme court is where treasonous charges are brought… explains why this SCOTUS choice is very important.

  7. I agree whole hearted with all comments . It seems that the ones that OUTRIGHT LIE to public face ,never have to answer for their actions . Not even questioned ! No explanations ever . Just lie and then run . Soon their misconduct is forgotten,but not the lies taken as truth . Media should be held to answer as well..

  8. I wish that the the courts would bring all the corrupted politician before them under oath to get to the bottom of all this PLEASE! as a Canadian watching this unfold it’s really disheartening to see the democrats steal the election and cause all this discourse in the great America , it’s really a sad thing .I was not a fan of trump but seeing all the good he’s done for his fellow Americans and for the election to be stolen from the people by the evil democrats it’s just so evil the people need to take back the government. As well we here in Canada need to do the same from our leftist government too . They all seem to be George Soros puppets. And lovers of the evil they don’t care about any of us just what they can Lord over us all .

  9. Adam Schiff is a depraved loser! He lies as easily as he breathes! He loves being the center of attention on various news programs and he has lied on EVERY ONE! I doubt that he is redeemable. Out with him! And good riddance!

  10. Let us all hope that ‘Pencil Neck’ has lots of company in jail. John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Pelosi……just to name a few!

  11. You know & I know nothing will happen to all of them Hillary Nancy Jerry Adam watters they all are above the law and they know it that why they act that way . If I had my way HANG EM HIGH

  12. It’s time he’s held account and be prosecuted to the highest extent of the law whether jail or death.

  13. The current situation we now face has occurred before, and will occur again, least we remain ever vigilant and guard our Liberties as a Lion guards it’s cubs.
    Abe Lincoln said it quite well, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”

  14. Shiff is a despicable lowlife scum of the earth liar. To put it mildly. We need to honor our forefathers that wrote & fought to enforce the penalty of treason. Every single person that was involved in the Russia hoax & the fraudulent election should be hanged. Starting with shiff, swalwell all the way to Obama. They sold us out

  15. these Democrats are so pathetic, what a bunch of lying hipocrits, Nancy pooplosi is worth 100million yet there’s more poop, and needles, and homeless in San Fran than ever before, then we got crack head hunter Biden selling us out to China and Russia and involved with corrupt Ukrainian oil company but that’s no big deal even though he’s as sharp as a basketball, can you imagine if trump’s sons did a third of what hunters done we would still be hearing about it from Brian stelzer and Rachael madcow..


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