Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi’s abuse of power has gotten out of her hands, she no longer considers the United States of America Constitution before taking action, also the president seems to be Bennett her. Nancy Pelosi is unofficially the president of the United States of America.

Republicans representatives Jim Jordan and Jim Banks Brilliantly Destroy Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s nonchalant abuse of power after she suggested that they would be investigated for their part in the January 6th Capitol riot committee.

Nancy Pelosi has vowed to dig into her political opponents without pretext.
Rep banks said it’s a blatant abuse of power and if she follows through she needs to be held accountable instantly.


Banks and Jim Jordan also agreed that Pelosi’s kind of politics is BANANA REPUBLIC style politics that doesn’t belong IN this great country America. He also admonished Democrats to join condemn the behavior of the speaker of the House.

Rep. Banks continued that speaker Nancy Pelosi has done more damage to the United States of America Constitution and Congress and American democracy as a whole, more than any single politician has ever dreamt of.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi also crossed the line by calling Rep Banks and Jim Jordan’s nominations ‘outrageous’ and ‘not serious. She said, ‘I mean, they probably – well, look, we’ll see what the committee finds out about them, but they were not going to be on the committee.’ She has already condemned them before the committee even gets to have a say.

Nancy Pelosi also said that both Jim Jordan and Jim Banks would be nothing but antics and clowns, she continued and accused them of being ‘participants of the Big Lie that Joe Biden stole the election from former President Donald Trump.

Jim Jordan and Rep Banks voted against certifying the 2020 presidential election results which Pelosi said she did not hold against them but clearly still hold against them.

Nancy Pelosi is Just scared of both Republican representatives, she is totally scared of what they might say, that’s what is bordering her. Nancy Pelosi will do anything to cripple a fightback from House Democrats.

House Republicans launched a boycott of the panel in response to Nancy Pelosi’s Ploy but Pelosi had other plans. She recruited two house republicans that she can control(Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger) to serve In place of Jim Jordan and Jim Banks.

Both Republicans(Cheney and Kinzinger) voted to impeach President Trump during the Trump impeachment Trial.

Rep. Jim Jordan and Rep Banks joined more than 100 Republicans in signing on to support Texas’s lawsuit challenging the 2020 presidential election results.

Make no mistake, Nancy Pelosi created this committee solely to malign conservatives and to justify the Left’s authoritarian agenda and we won’t keep quiet anymore, Pelosi dictates what goes in this country, even the president can’t stop her.

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  1. Pelosi and Biden both need to be impeached. She’s a sick puppy just like Biden. They both need a care taker.

    1. Dictatorship has taken root in our legislature. Term limits need to be implemented. Nancy Pelosi deserves a tribunal. Among other politicians who have slandered the american people. Unlawfully jailed people who just entered the captial. She intentionally created intentional diversion by left extreme radicals conspirators by over riding the request order for national guard when cilivans knew that extreme groups antifa would infiltrating trump protestors, in order to dictate voter supression by defamation of the american people and a investigation into a fraudulent election from taking place. She disreguraded the protection of this nations citizens while accusing american citizens as insurectionists and white supremacists for her own progressive agenda. The media has co conspired nancy and members of both poltical parties financially with propganda driven fascism against the liberties and freedoms of the American people. Nancy has criminally acted and abused her poltical power to punish anyone who peacefully protested to investigate clear election fraud. Yet instead of doing what the people ask for with our tax paying dollars. Namcy and her poltical party have used billions in 3 bogus harassing impeachment scams that never had any creditable evidence to prove otherwise. Yet refuses to acknowledge the requested investigatioal inquiries for election integrity for the pleas from the American people.

      1. I agree with all the above very well said all is true & every one knows it .trump is our presedent for real not Biden the election was stolen for sure I saw it with my own eyes they are not fooling any one some one needs to step up & do something about it ASAP look what Biden has got us into a mess we can’t get out of he is going to get us all killed if something. Is not done about it quick ! Please help save our country before its to late PLEASE

      2. Well said, you nailed it. They have to be impeached, If not this country will burn in hell fire. Some senator s or governor s were talking about nuclear weapons being used in Russia, they need to be held accountable for their stupid thoughts. I was in nuclear weapons in Germany, and I know what they will do.
        How incompetent do you have to be to get kicked out of office. The voters need to be more diligent in their voting. Look into their soles because voting., Cause some of these Congress people have their heads in a place the sun don’t shine.

      1. They own the fbi, dod and cia. Pelosi briben shummer and obama bin Jaden are owned by china. We need to be very greatful for PRESIDENT TRUMP ,Jim Jordan and Jim Banks and afew others that won’t be bought or threatened.
        Besides pisslosi being the biggest corrupted pile of shit to ever go to Washington. She is worse than killory,they all need publicly hung. Don’t forget pisslosi’s puppets schitt and no .nad naddler.

        1. They own the fbi, dod and cia. Pelosi briben shummer and obama bin Jaden are owned by china. We need to be very greatful for PRESIDENT TRUMP ,Jim Jordan and Jim Banks and afew others that won’t be bought or threatened.
          Besides pisslosi being the biggest corrupted pile of shit to ever go to Washington. She is worse than killory,they all need publicly hung. Don’t forget pisslosi’s puppets schitt and no .nad naddler.

  2. If these out of control radical left wing leaders aren’t brought in and prosecuted asap our beloved America is literally doomed. DO IT NOW, AT ALL COST!

  3. Traitors = Clinton, H., Pelosi, N, Biden, J., Obama, B.

    Traitors use to be handle with swiftly. These above mentioned, and others, need to meet a military tribunal, found guilty and face Gitmo imprisonment for life with NO USE of communicating to anyone OR death by firing squad.

  4. Treason is a serious offense And some how these Democrats have managed to escape the law, How ? Why aren’t they at Gitmo. Anyone else that broke the law gets arrested and criminal charge’s pressed but not the woke leftist.

  5. they keep breaking the law and nothing ever happens to them! why are they allowed to get by with this? where’s the Justice?!?

  6. They are taking de country down they break every single law and they show
    Incompetence in their skills all they care is about the global vaccination no matter you concent or not. They think they own
    Your life and your body. Violating the human rights.
    We the people pay our governors salaries
    So we have the rights to remove the ones
    got paid by us and work for others.

  7. I agree with the content of this website and it’s assertions directed at the (off the deep end) Democratic Party. However, what needs to be pointed out here is this was the forth time I clicked on an article/video based on its headline that was apparently mis-labeled or labeled in error misrepresenting the contents of the video contained therein. And it’s seemingly small errors like this on a repeated basis that causes harm and damages the credibility of not only this website, but also to the Republican Party in general. We must maintain a high standard of accuracy and credibility. Therefore, Please get your act together and label these videos correctly. Don’t fall into the mindset you need to exaggerate or misrepresent the content to attract readers. Thank you.

  8. Trump, I wish I was Younger and well. I would be standing on the stage beside you.
    If you know God, You have NO FEAR.
    But to Deny, the American Fore Fathers and the American Ancestors sacrifices, is unconscionable. And is blatantly
    Evil.. For many of them are some percentage Native American.

  9. I would chip in for her to get a ONE WAY trip to GITMO. She has been a thorn in the side of progress for many many many years. Way past time to give her exactly what she has earned with her treason and inserection.

  10. Pisslosi’s jan 6th insurrection she planned it she led it and she and her cronies made it happen. Anyone who can’t see or understand that are part of the brainwashed woke. They are severely mentally challenged. To those who have a brain can see Pisslosi’s involvement plain as day.

  11. How do these people even get voted in? They’re such a joke. Do heir voters ever listen to them speak? The spelling and punctuation in this article is pretty bad. Sorry I had to say it.

  12. If you think Pelosi is bad now, just wait until she becomes President of the United States! Think about it, the Democrats know Biden is suffering from Alzheimer’s and VP Harris garners the moniker that she is the most unpopular VP in history. So then according to the Constitution the Speaker of the House is next in line to automatically become President if Biden & Harris are disenfranchised by their party so walk softly my friends.

    1. The woman is truly riding the beast , I saw this while Trump was in there she may have made some of those tweets blaming Trump for it , but the floodgates too criminals have been opened and no one is safe , be especially close to your woman and children , don’t be afraid to defend them

  13. Where is are military to take care of these criminals wow what ever happened to lying under oath

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