“They Hate Our Country” Trump Rips Ilhan Omar & AOC to Shreds

In an interview with Lindsey Graham, President Trump lunched fresh attacks on Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez saying the Congresswomen know nothing and that “they hate our country.

This came shortly after Trump gave the order and successfully killed Iranian major general Qasem Soleimani of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Ilhan Omar attacked Trump after the President revealed current actions being considered in response to Iranian aggression. “The united States will immidiately impose additional punishing economic sanctions on Iranian regime. This powerful sanctions will remain until Iran changes its behavior,” Trump said.

Ilhan Omar has previously threatened to step in and stop Trump. Arguing that the president only ordered the killing of General Soleimani as means of distraction from domestic political issues (impeachment).

Trump appeared for the first time on live Tv with Laura Ingraham, blasting the socialist democrat and her caucus; AOC and Tlaib.

All “these poor fools” Trump said, referring to Omar, AOC and Tlaib. Blasting them for their antisemetic rhetoric towards the Jews.


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6 thoughts on ““They Hate Our Country” Trump Rips Ilhan Omar & AOC to Shreds

    Edmond Blake !

  2. A non citizen ( married her brother to get the better life ) ( IN THE GREATEST COUNTRY EVER ) I dont see her Leaving BUT I SO SEE HER Trying to Destroy it. And ( her country was so much better ) I dont see her leaving . That damn INCESTUAL ILLHAN.. NOW PIGLOSI and her POWER TRIP of a LifeTime, shes not gonna get re-elected in 2022 so Shes gonna have to flex her Muscles and SCRE THE CONSTITUTION. She only loves it during Photo Ops and when shes on T.V Trying to Persuade AMERICANS that Shhes all For AMERICA . Xpecially when PIGLOSI , Squad and her buddy KILLARY with SHUMMY want to destroy it.. ….. A COUNTRY DIVIDED IS A DEAD COUNTRY….. Thatll be until the HOLY DEMONRATZ Will. Use the CONSTITUTION to try and get more Votes…. IF WE WERE TO AUDIT THEIR DOINGS IM SURE THEYD BE OUT OF OFFICE IN A HEART BEAT…. But our TEPUBLICANS for some reason are SCARED to TAKE THESE ANTI-AMERICANS out of office…. THE TIME HAS COME TO CLEAN THE SWAMP and Expecially These Carrer Politicians Whive Done NOTHING BUT DESTROT US FROM WITHIN…..

    1. Yes I agree with every word I have for years but I ask why are they still here name who won’t take action against them and they can go in the treason list as will don’t care where the falls Supreme Court Congress if they won’t follow the constitution then where does their loyalty llay

  3. Yes the country as we all knew it is going away for letting me into people run in here and we got our own people that won’t work it’s amazing how did they think they can continue to do these things and keep a good strong country I’ll never know all the foreign cars are bad enough now it’s the damn people coming in and taking over and you’re supposed to have freedom of speech but if you can’t say what’s on your mind without being censored or blocked off that’s not freedom of speech it’s a form of communism and since these people are accepting it it will get worse they’re such fools

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