Its all a plot by Nancy Pelosi to thwart every hope of president Trump running for president come the next presidential election.

President Trump called the request vexatious, illegal fishing expedition that has no connection with any legitimate legislative purpose. It’s just a ploy by democrats to cripple Trump.

Former President of the United States of America Donald Trump just filed a federal lawsuit against incompetent Nancy Pelosi and her criminal minded Team.

The lawsuit is meant to block the release of documents related to the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection to a congressional committee that are all loyal to Nancy Pelosi.

According to President Trump, the committee’s request was almost limitless, and they want records that has no reasonable connection to what happened that day.

President Biden’s gross incompetence has led to many of Biden’s serious supporter switching to trumps side.

Nancy Pelosi is aware of this, she have therefore been doing everything possible to soil President Trump’s image.

President Trumps actions against the law suit is a reaction to his earlier promise to challenge the unethical investigation .

Nancy Pelosi’s team and president Biden are clearing the white house communication documents for release.Democrats want to rule for ever, they are so drunk with power that the want to rule for ever.


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